The Master's University to host inaugural TheoTech conference

It’s hard to imagine a more compelling lineup of speakers for this month’s inaugural TheoTech conference.

It’s also hard to imagine most people wouldn’t feel initially overwhelmed at the idea of listening to a distinguished group of theologians, scientists and mathematicians addressing topics like artificial intelligence and the creation mandate.

But there’s no need to worry.

The talks on Oct. 30 at Placerita Bible Church will be aimed at a general audience. Namely, the material won’t be overly technical.

It’s also important to note that the main goal of the event will be to exalt Jesus Christ by putting His majesty and glory on display in creation and technology.

TheoTech’s speakers include Dr. John MacArthur and Dr. Abner Chou, among others. To register, click here.

“It’s doubtful you’ll see a better lineup of people qualified to talk on the topics than these guys,” says David Crater, chair of TMU’s engineering & computer science department, who will host a panel discussion at TheoTech.

Crater hopes the event will help audience members better understand the purpose of the technology that surrounds them. Namely, what did God intend when He supplied the Earth with raw materials that humans often harness to build technology?

The day’s speakers will also answer questions like: What did God mean when He commanded Adam and Eve to ‘subdue the Earth’?

Chou, the John F. MacArthur Endowed Fellow and TMU’s interim president, will kick things off by addressing the topic of “The Creation Mandate and the Earth as Raw Material for Technology.”

Next, Dr. Joey Kim, who earned a doctorate in chemical engineering from Caltech before joining TMU’s faculty in 2020, will speak on “Particle Physics, Relativity, Electrodynamics, and the Atomic Glory of God.”

The last session before lunch will be led by Dr. Joe Francis, the dean of TMU’s School of Science, Mathematics, Technology and Health. Francis is a national thought leader in creation science and a contributor to Answers in Genesis. His research has centered on beneficial viruses, new antibiotics and the development of microscopy techniques for studying immune cells. The title of Francis’ TheoTech talk is “The Divine Power of Biological Life and the Divine-Like Power of Biotechnology.”

Dr. John Lennox will be the only speaker missing from the stage inside Placerita Bible Church’s newly renovated sanctuary. Lennox, an emeritus professor of mathematics at the University of Oxford, will join the event via videoconference, live from the United Kingdom. As arguably the world’s foremost Christian voice on AI, Lennox will discuss “Artificial Intelligence, Homo Deus, and the Future of Humanity.”

Then Dr. Tai-Danae Bradley, a mathematician with a doctorate from City University of New York, will address “The Theology of Mathematics and the Mathematical Fabric of Creation.”

Bradley — who has authored many academic papers on math, quantum physics and machine intelligence — visited TMU in spring 2020, hosting a seminar on artificial intelligence and guest lecturing. She is also the creator of the popular math blog

After Crater moderates a panel discussion, MacArthur, TMU’s chancellor and the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church, will close the day by addressing “Christ as Creation’s Eternal Word, Light of Man, and Source of Technological Wisdom.”

For more information on TheoTech, click here. You can also learn more about TMU’s Department of Engineering & Computer Science, here.

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