Student Focus: Angelina Korotki

The Master’s University’s primary focus is to honor God in all that it does. Faculty, staff, and students from all over the country and world unite amidst their backgrounds and differences in the interest of teaching and learning under a biblical worldview at TMU.

Angelina Korotki is one such student, traveling all the way from Israel to study Music and Biblical Studies at TMU. Those that know Angelina say she is a sweet, God-fearing young woman, who is passionate about her studies, music, family, and faith.

Even in her early teens, Angelina wanted to attend TMU after hearing about the University from her dad, who attends Shepherds’ Conference at Grace Community Church every year. When Angelina was about sixteen, the Master’s Chorale came to Israel, and after she heard them sing, she knew she wanted to be a part of it.

But the idea of being a part of Chorale and attending Master’s seemed almost a distant dream for Angelina, as funding, distance, and many other issues stood in the way. As much as she wanted to be there, Angelina though it would be impossible for her to attend TMU.

“I remember sitting listening to Chorale sing at Christ Church in Jerusalem,” said Angelina. “As I listened to them, I kept thinking ‘I want to be there,’ but I thought it’s impossible for me to be at Master’s and Chorale.”

But God was working even then, providing a way for Angelina to pursue her dream and study at TMU.

Growing up in a missionary family, first in Ukraine and then Kazakhstan and finally Israel, Angelina always thought that she was saved. She thought that she would go to Heaven after she died, and that there was no need for her to repent.

“When I was 16, I went to a Christian camp which was held on The Master’s University’s Israel Bible Extension Campus (IBEX). There, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. Since then, Christ is growing and teaching me every day,” said Angelina. “Now, as I look back, I understand that I was in a very scary position when I was sure that I was saved and would go to Heaven, but in reality, it was a lie. Sadly, there are many people today who live under this lie. I hope that God will open their eyes someday just as he opened mine when I was 16.”

Coming from two post-Communist countries, being a part of TMU feels like one big family to Angelina. Students are kind and help each other out. Staff and professors are always encouraging and often give great advice to students. Since coming to TMU, Angelina has noticed many changes in herself.

“I became stronger in understanding the Bible, and I have a stronger relationship with God,” Angelina said. “I gained a great love for music and worship. The Music Department at Master’s shows me all the beauty of worshipping our God. I found amazing friends, who are such a blessing to me, and I hope that our relationships will be lifelong.”

Angelina is part of the Master’s Chorale and loves her experience in the group.

“I love music. It is such an amazing gift from God, therapy for our souls,” Angelina said. “God works tremendously in people’s hearts through music. This is why I’m a music major.”

She is also involved in Special Ministries at Grace Community Church and would love to continue ministering there as long as God wills.

“After I graduate, I would love to be in Special Ministries,” Angelina said. “In 2016, I was involved in a car accident after which I had to learn how to walk, dress myself, talk better, and so on. A lot has changed since the accident. My goals and priorities in life have changed and God gave me a big heart for my special friends. Special needs people want to be loved and they love music very much. I want to use music in my ministry. The Lord helped me a lot through music when I was going through my rehabilitation after the accident.”

After her accident, Angelina wrote a letter to herself. Since then, she reads it every time she feels discouraged in school or anything else. She hopes It can encourage someone else as well.

My dear child, I want to change your life. All the days for you were written in My Book before one of them came to be. I have planned everything for you from the beginning. I know that it might hurt and you will ask Me ‘Why Lord, Why?’ But remember that blessed is the one whom God corrects. I wound and I also bind up. I injure but my hands also heal.

My child, during this time, you may feel tired and hopeless, please remember that I am the Lord your God, Who takes hold of your right hand and says to you ‘Do not fear, I will help you.’

My child, do not be afraid but remember that in all things I work for good if you love Me. I want you to know that I will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.

With love and care, Your Faithful Father.

Angelina is incredibly grateful for her chance to attend TMU and live her dream of singing in the Master’s Chorale.

“Because of the scholarships that I’ve received, I was able to come to Master’s, and I enjoy every day,” Angelina said. “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I trust the Lord and live by faith that He’ll continue giving me this amazing opportunity to study at Master’s through gracious scholarships that I receive every semester.”

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