Senior Memoir: Sophia Thomasson

“What is God’s will for me and how can I get ready to serve the Lord with my life?”

By: Sophia Thomasson, Class of 2019

Such was the question on my mind as I considered the next step in my college career. I had always wanted to attend Master’s, but never thought I’d be able to afford it until the Lord unexpectedly provided for me to transfer from community college to TMU for my final two years of undergrad. Once I came here, I began to see God answer my question as I realized what I had found in a Christian college. For one, I found the joy of living life surrounded by people who aren’t perfect, but who truly love my Lord and who showed that love by the way they genuinely cared for me and for each other. I found friends who prayed for me and with me. I found professors who modeled Christ both inside and outside the classroom, even making time to get meals in the cafeteria with me or to go on a hike during the weekend. I found so many opportunities to serve and grow and build my faith, whether that was serving on student leadership, listening to multiple chapel messages a week, or going out with fellow believers and sharing the hope of Christ with people in our local community who did not know Him.

Now that graduation is almost here, my heart is so full, so very thankful. Time and time again—through the easy and the hard—I have found the Lord to be so over and abundantly gracious, showering me over such a short time with so many opportunities for growing more and more into His likeness.

A part of me thinks about how much I’m going to miss this unique season in life in which I’ve been able to invest so much time studying God’s Word, cultivating sweet friendships, and creating countless memories. But as I soak up my last few days here at TMU, I am keenly aware that the whole reason I came here was so that I could one day leave, as an ambassador for my Lord, an influencer for the sake of His kingdom. Considering this, I cannot help but marvel at God’s sovereignty and faithfulness in my life, and, as a result, find faith to trust Him with the next part of it. In the short term, this means trusting Him to strengthen and use me as, shortly after graduation, I fly out to Cameroon, Africa where for nine months I will be living and serving side-by-side with some TMU alumni missionaries, helping to homeschool their four children and shadowing them in their Bible translation work among the Kwakum people.

True, at times I find myself asking the same question about God’s will for me that I came into Master’s with, but I now know the One who leads me so much better than I did when I first arrived and so I trust Him more. What’s more, now I am ready. I am ready to go with Him wherever He chooses to take me because my life is not my own. I have been bought with a price and I yearn with all my heart to glorify God with every breath He gives me. May our awesome Lord use me and each and every person who graduates from this school to tell of His glory among the nations, His wonderful deeds among all the peoples, for great is our Lord and greatly to be praised! Soli Deo Gloria!

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