More Than A Master's Degree: Online MBA

“Organizations are only as good as their leadership.”


Leaders are the faces of the organizations and people they represent. Nothing works properly without proper leadership. This fundamental quality is exactly what The Master’s University Online MBA program focuses on strengthening and refining.

“The MBA program is designed to take our business majors to the next level of education, preparing them for leadership within their chosen profession,” said Dr. Lee Duncan, Executive Vice President of Master’s U. “The MBA opens new doors of opportunity that a bachelor’s degree will not open on its own. The program is taught by experienced, Christian business professionals who prepare our students with excellence and proficiency. This degree helps equip them to make a difference in the world, not only in their career but also for Christ.”

Divided into two 8-week sessions per semester and three semesters a year (Spring, Summer, Fall), the Master’s MBA program is open to qualified candidates with an undergraduate degree, from a stay-at-home mom who wants to bolster her small business or organizational skills, to a full-time employee looking to improve his/her marketing plan.

MBA programs have more diverse student populations than any other graduate track, according to the U.S. Department of Education. Participants in the program live as near as Southern California and as far away as the United Kingdom and Singapore.

“Even though it is online, you build strong relationships with your classmates…” said current student Matthew Frields. “They are from all over the world, which allows for a lot of different perspectives. Since they are a part of a different culture, you learn from them and end up growing both professionally and spiritually.”

Dr. Kevin Hill—chair of the Business Administration Department at Master’s U—explained the reasoning behind choosing this specific program over other graduate business paths. “We chose to offer an MBA because it is the most well recognized business-related degree.”

For Frields, his choice to study at Master’s was founded on three things. First, “the university is academically excellent and Christ-centered.” Second, “the business program has proven to be the best…we far exceed any other university in our CPA exam statistics.” Third, as a husband and a father of three who works full time, “flexibility in my schedule is imperative. Online has allowed me to meet all my expectations at work and at home while still being able to complete my graduate education.”

By no account does this mean it is easy. From detailed classes like Statistics, Business Law, Financial Accounting and Managerial Accounting, to big picture classes like Leadership, Marketing Strategy and International Business, “the program is academically challenging and does not compromise in anyway,” according to Dr. Hill. “Our professors are dedicated professionals who are committed to quality instruction.”

“They genuinely care about our success both in the coursework and in our spiritual lives…” Frields said. “I knew they would educate me to evaluate and solve the most challenging business problems and that Scripture would bleed through everything I would learn.”

Leadership goes beyond the title on a business card or an email signature. Leaders must manage time and money, collaborate with and guide people from all walks of life and strive for success in their own position while simultaneously encouraging others to do the same. Leading is exhausting and requires sacrifice, but it also affords the power to turn around an entire company, lead substantial groups of people and make minute and massive decisions. Leaders are the head by which the rest of the body is affected.

At TMU, we look to Christ, the ultimate leader; all things—every program, direction and decision—are viewed through His Word.

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The Master’s University offers a number of fully online undergraduate and graduate degrees, as well as Dual Enrollment courses, which offer high school juniors and seniors a head start in earning fully accredited college credits.

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