Meet ASB President: Mauricio Farrell

Mauricio Farrell wasn’t sure about the possibility of becoming The Master’s University’s next ASB President. He wanted to help provide in some way for student activities. “I prayed about it, I wanted to provide for student activities.” Learning through trials such as “being away from my parents and being independent. I learned not to worry,” by relying on Christ and Scripture.

Mauricio is the ASB President and now in his senior year in pursuit of a kinesiology degree to become a P.E. teacher. “I want to teach, and teaching PE is very attractive to me.” He hopes to cultivate high schoolers to be academically, physically, and spiritually healthy. You can find him playing and watching sports, swimming, bowling, and maybe one day running a half marathon. His desire to teach and play sports brought him to a personally constructing moment, “I coached baseball last year and it was an awesome opportunity to help them grow not just as men”.

Mauricio followed his father’s footsteps in coming to TMU. His dad was an assistant basketball coach from 1994-’97.

He is enjoying the relationships he’s been building with students and faculty alike. “Since the Kinesiology department is a bit smaller, I can actually have a relationship with my professors and have lunch with them. They want to see the students grow and not just in the classroom but also growing in Christ.”

He “hopes to cultivate the Christlike community that we have (at Master’s) and bring it more to light, get away from the dorm rivalry, and get everyone together more, get everyone connected more. We all share that connection of being believers, being able to reach out to anyone across the campus.”

He says the dorm culture has been instrumental in learning how to grow with other people. “It helps refine you spiritually and helps keep each other accountable and be edified through the body. We see each other every day and have a genuine care for each other and have a desire to see each other grow in Christ.” One of those people is ASB Vice President Christina Fukuda. “She’s a really cool person and in my sister dorm. She is a really nice girl with a heart for the Lord.”

Former Student Services Director Adam Ashoff has seen how “he brings joy and enthusiasm into the room the moment he arrives. If you watch him walk through the cafeteria, he knows the people and they know him. He’s a meteor soaring through the TMU atmosphere about to explode onto campus in an unforgettable way. … Brace for impact.”

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