Meet 5 of TMU's 2021 Graduating Seniors

Editor’s Note: We asked five of our 2021 graduating seniors to share their experiences at The Master’s University and to fill us in on where they’re headed next. This story originally appeared in The Mustang Connection, TMU’s alumni magazine.

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Tim Beck

Hometown: Santa Clarita, California\ Major: Computer & Information Sciences (Computer Science)

What’s Next?

I have accepted a full-time software engineering position at Riot Games in Santa Monica, where I’ll be working on League of Legends. This involves designing and implementing software systems that support the millions of people around the world who play the game every day.

Educational Highlight at TMU?

Dr. (John) Eickemeyer gave me the resources I needed to explore areas of computer science I’m interested in and supported me a ton when I was preparing for interviews and internships. Also, as a teacher’s assistant, I was able to provide mentorship to students, something I hope to continue doing in the future.

Spiritual Growth at TMU?

I grew a lot in the theology and New Testament classes here, particularly under David Hegg. In his class I participated in discussions that required critical thinking, which was invaluable.

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Salma C. Encarnacion Taveras

Hometown: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic\ Major: Business Administration (Management, International Business, Management Information Systems)

What’s Next?

I will be working as a sales representative for a marketing company called Vital Acquisitions in Irvine, California. I also intend to start an MBA program next year.

Educational Highlight at TMU?

I enjoyed working on the marketing team for the student-led short film “Reckoning” in January. This opportunity (where I was web project manager) allowed me to learn how to work well with others to achieve a common goal and how to be an effective leader.

Spiritual Growth at TMU?

I learned the importance of holding Scripture as the ultimate truth, and I saw my need of the local church for spiritual growth and encouragement. It is a blessing to be able to listen to sound biblical teaching every chapel and Bible class. Also, the training I’ve had as a resident assistant has allowed me to learn and practice biblical counseling.

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Angelina Korotkyi

Hometown: Ashkelon, Israel\ Major: Music (Biblical Studies)

What’s Next?

After I graduate, I would love to work alongside and support missionaries. I will most likely go home to Israel and serve there.

Educational Highlight at TMU?

I’ve been part of The Master’s Chorale since my first semester. I loved it when we went on tour in the U.S. and other countries. We visited great churches and met awesome people.

Spiritual Growth at TMU?

At TMU, God has taught me to trust Him. At times, I worried about upcoming exams. Other times, I wondered whether I would receive the scholarship I needed in order to stay. I also had to leave TMU for one semester because of a car accident that nearly took my life. In each situation, God was so gracious. He taught me to remain faithful in my studies. He provided a scholarship from gracious donors. He restored my health, and here I am, graduating.

Alejandro Alcala.jpg

Alejandro Alcala Jr.

Hometown: Azusa, California\ Major: Communication (Journalism)

What’s Next?

I’m looking for a job in the field of communication after building my resume this semester during an internship with Emmy-winning sports anchor Curt Sandoval.

Educational Highlight at TMU?

The communication department provides its students with great opportunities, like working on a film set, contributing to a newspaper, and studying under a big-time sports reporter like Curt Sandoval. Professor (Robert) Dickson has made me a better journalist. He has experience in the journalism world, and he cares a lot about his students.

Spiritual Growth at TMU?

I grew the most during my time on Chapel Band. I used to really struggle when it came to pride in my bass skills. It was all about other people seeing me up on stage. But the people around me on Chapel Band would stress that what we do is for God’s glory. 1 Corinthians 10:31 became one of my favorite verses.

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Madi Hull

Hometown: Hopewell, Oregon\ Major: Kinesiology (Exercise Science)

What’s Next?

I’ve been accepted to graduate school at Oregon State University for its two-year athletic training program. I plan to apply for the NFL apprenticeship program after the first year there, with hopes of working as an athletic trainer in pro football for a few years. I’m also considering coming back for the one-year Bible program at TMU.

Educational Highlight at TMU?

My most impactful learning experiences took place in the athletic training room. I was on the women’s basketball team, and whenever I came in for treatment with (Head Athletic Trainer) Dave Larsen, he would talk me through some of the exercises or joint mobilizations he had me do because he knew that’s what I was studying.

Spiritual Growth at TMU?

I learned to put Christ at the center of everything. My professors and coaches set an example of what that looks like.

Four More 2021 TMU Grads

Cameron Bandstra

Hometown: Ludington, Michigan\ Major: Business Administration (Accounting & Finance)

What’s Next?

I have a job lined up working as an audit associate for the accounting firm KPMG LLP in Seattle, Washington.

Christine Mahoney

Hometown: Placerville, California\ Major: Geoscience (Environmental Science)

What’s Next?

In May, I leave for Florida to train with an organization called ECHO, a non-profit that teaches agriculture techniques to people living in difficult climates across the world so that they can be self-sustaining. After a year, I’ll receive a graduate-level certificate in tropical agricultural development from Dallas International University.

Cydney Fitzer

Hometown: Dayton, Nevada\ Major: Biblical Studies (Biblical Counseling)

What’s Next?

My plan after school is to work in a crisis pregnancy center. I want to utilize my biblical counseling major to bring the hope of the gospel to both mothers and fathers.

Russell Vittrup

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas\ Major: Biological Science (Pre-Medical)

What’s Next?

I’m planning to attend medical school, where I’ll apply lessons I learned in my science classes here. I’ve loved learning about the incredible complexity in the way God has designed us. Classes like Biochemistry and Medical Physiology have driven that idea home.

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