Increase in Opportunity through Decrease in Tuition

For 90 years, the Lord has had His gracious hand on The Master’s University. Leadership, faculty, staff, students and donors have all been united around the virtue of full confidence in the truth of Scripture as the necessary foundation for all education. The school’s ironclad conviction regarding biblical truth runs from the creation account in Genesis to the consummation of history in Revelation.

Obviously, these convictions run counter to the relentless cultural trends and social pressures that have led many other schools to abandon their loyalty to the truth. The pattern of their decline always begins when they allow and establish some other authority over the Scriptures. Every new trend washing through the culture moves more institutions, once faithful, away from their moorings of sound doctrine into the nether world of compromise. These institutions have joined the forces arrayed against the purposes of God.

TMU has been fixed in its devotion to honoring Christ and glorifying God through fidelity to Scripture. The unchanging and unalterable doctrines of God’s Word have been the center and the circumference of this institution. As faithful options become fewer, the education it offers becomes ever more critical. The most precious commodity in every generation is divine truth. The Kingdom of God, the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, grows by means of the Holy Spirit’s empowerment of this truth. Only those who are faithful to the Word of God have eternal impact and the promise of God’s blessing.

The Lord has brought TMU to this hour in redemptive history—by His grace—as a “shining city on the hill.”

It is Master’s desire to steward both the truth and the lives entrusted to this institution’s care. Those objectives demand that The Master’s University be constantly striving for excellence. In addition to the spiritual strengths of the University, there has been a God-blessed elevation of its educational excellence. Master’s is currently enjoying a 10-year accreditation awarded through WASC, the Wall Street Journal recently recognized TMU as #1 Right Choice University amongst all U.S. colleges/universities for the 2nd year in a row, US News and World Report consistently ranks TMU among the country’s Best Universities, Princeton ratings and others also give witness to its high quality of the education. In addition, most graduates are quickly accepted into the medical, law or other graduate programs of their choice. In recognition of the educational quality and character of TMU graduates, other schools, businesses and ministries highly pursue TMU alumni.

While sharing the news with the TMU student body President John MacArthur said, “All of this excellence (referring to all TMU offers) falls short if we do not make our unique education and opportunity possible for many more eager followers of our Lord. Because of that reality, our Board has come to the conviction that we must open accessibility to TMU for many more students to meet the challenges and opportunities for the gospel in our day. Recognizing that cost is the main barrier, the Board has mandated a significant reset in tuition.”

Effective Fall 2018, the new annual tuition will be reset approximately 26%, from $33,600 to $24,950. The University will continue to provide meritorious academic and athletic scholarship aid as well as various forms of federal and state educational assistance for qualified students. As MacArthur said in his announcement, a reduction of this size opens the door to many young people that previously believed an education at TMU was not attainable and . . .

“allows the university to multiply the lives that can be prepared for Kingdom influence.”

The Master’s University will continue expanding development of educational programs in the midst of this. They are presently pioneering a quickly growing Marketing Media major, the launch of Geology and Paleontology emphases, and have current plans to develop Pre-Engineering and Pre-Physician’s Assistant majors with additional programs under consideration. TMU’s Centers of Excellence – a fundraising campaign concentrated on the schools of science, communication, education and business – will move forward with a goal of $25 million. Currently, over a third of those funds have been received thereby propelling TMU’s ability to offer enhanced academics.

Additionally, TMU is rapidly expanding its online program and course offerings which already feature many opportunities in the areas of Dual Enrollment, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies. The Master’s University also enjoys the benefits of highly respected and nationally ranked athletic programs. This year its men’s Basketball team earned a pre-season #1 conference and #5 national ranking, Baseball a #14 in the nation pre-season rank, women’s Basketball was voted #3 in their conference and #18 nationally to start the season, women’s Soccer is currently #15 in the nation, men’s and women’s Cross Country have just swept both conference championships with the men’s team winning their eighth straight conference title. The University has much to be excited about and eagerly looks forward to all that is to come.

The goal of this tuition reset is to enable many more students to benefit from The Master’s University experience. While most universities are currently raising tuition or lowering valuation through institutional “discounting”, TMU is committed to offering the absolute best and most rigorous academic, social and spiritual training at a cost not commensurate with living and operating in Southern California.

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