Dr. Varner's Book on the Passion Week #1 on Amazon's New Releases List

By Dr. William Varner, Professor of Bible & Greek

Dr. Varner has been a professor in our Biblical Studies Department for many years and has published multiple books. His latest work, titled Passionate about the Passion Week: A Fresh Look at Jesus’ Last Days, was published earlier this month and has garnered immediate support. It is currently ranked #1 on Amazon’s list of newly released books about the New Testament.

The book is rooted in one of Dr. Varner’s classes, “The Life of Christ.” His desire in this class has been to help students see the familiar events of the Gospels in fresh ways. His “Varner-isms”—new perspectives on biblical events—are famous among his students.

While teaching on the life of Christ, Dr. Varner has discovered a special love for the events of the Passion Week. He has decided to funnel this love into writing Passionate about the Passion Week. In it, he explores familiar events like the Last Supper and the crucifixion, striving to rekindle his readers’ wonder at the death and resurrection of the divine Messiah.

Most Christians have heard these events taught many times, but Dr. Varner believes that there is still “fresh light” to be found in them if we take the time to look closer.

Dr. Varner is grateful for how enthusiastic the response has been so far, and he hopes that even more people will take the opportunity to re-experience the events of Passion Week.

“They never get old to me,” Dr. Varner says, “and they should never get old to you.”

To purchase the book on Amazon, click here. For more information on our Biblical Studies programs visit masters.edu/biblicalstudies.

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