Dr. John Stead named Interim President of TMU

Dr. John Stead has been appointed Interim President at The Master’s University which will take effect June 28 when Dr. John MacArthur assumes the role of Chancellor.

“I count it a great privilege to have the opportunity to bridge the period between the retirement of our President — who has faithfully filled this position for 34 years — and the inauguration of a new president,” Dr. Stead said. “This is an extremely rare event as TMU has only had two presidents for over the past 60 years.

“I have spent the last 49 years as a professor, administrator, and counselor at Master’s,” Dr. Stead continued. “More than anything else my heart beats for this institution. Outside my love for the Lord, my wife, and my family, the wellbeing and testimony of The Master’s community has consumed my life.

“It is my goal to give our faculty and staff the support and encouragement they deserve so they can continue to give the students the finest Christ-centered education available.”

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Dr. Stead has served on the faculty at Master’s since 1970 and served as Vice President of Academic Affairs from 1979 to 1995. His doctoral work at the University of Southern California focused on Political Theory, Comparative Politics, and American Politics. Dr. Stead has been heavily involved with issues concerning the college’s accreditation and the expansion of the academic program over the last three decades.

“There couldn’t be a better choice than Dr. Stead,” said TMU President John MacArthur. “He’s been a part of Master’s University for 49 years and he is beloved by all our campus community. He has a vast knowledge and great experience as an educator and he understands the mission, theology and objectives of the university.”

Dr. Stead has been involved with governmental and educational institutions in the country of Albania. Dr. Stead also continues to teach in the School of Humanities at TMU. His primary areas of academic interest and research include contemporary church-state relationships and the impact of the church on current political and social public policy.

He received his bachelor and master degrees from California State University, Los Angeles and his Ph.D. from USC.

“As I look forward to this period of transition, I am confident we as a community of students, faculty, and staff will continue to mature in mind and spirit in the fullness of our Savior, Christ our Lord,” Dr. Stead said. “It is my prayer that when this transition ends with the inauguration of a new president, that we all can say we have honored Christ.”

As Chancellor, Dr. MacArthur will provide spiritual guidance and mentorship with the campus community, foster trust with stakeholders, and engage with students through chapel and campus events. He will continue to be a trusted resource for students, parents, and alumni.

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