Corporate Spotlight: Entrusted

Entrusted is a Christian company in South Florida that specializes in two things: Helping people with water, fire and mold damage, and hiring graduates from The Master’s University.

“It starts with a philosophy of who we’re going to hire,” said Dallas Trahern, Entrusted’s Chief Operating Officer. “A huge testimony to the preparation that happens at Master’s is that graduates hit the ground running. They have come in and been really effective in the business world very quickly.”

Over the years Entrusted has hired more than a dozen TMU graduates or those closely affiliated with Master’s. “We have absolutely loved the team members we’ve gotten from Master’s,” Trahern said. “They’ve been really poured into at the University and we’re trying to continue the commitments in the same ways that the University has, but in the corporate world. We are focused on making sure they are developed and grown and continue to advance in their careers,” he said.

Spencer Toth, who studied marketing and graduated from Master’s in 2014, has quickly become a key player at Entrusted.

“Our best marketer in the field is Spencer. He has really, really excelled in our organization and started as an entry level and has become a senior marketer for us,” Trahern said.

While he was at Master’s Toth said the Lord used Scripture and his time at TMU to impact him greatly. “It was by God’s grace that I went there. I was exposed to good doctrine really for the first time.” His stay at Master’s also helped shape his view of the importance of being in a good local church, something the leadership team at Entrusted values highly. “Before the thinking was ‘where can I play baseball or get a good job?’” he said. “But it moved to the importance of being committed to the local church.”

Toth said he is thankful for the opportunity at Entrusted for growth. “I would have never thought four years out of college I’d be at a company like this and a place in my career this far down the road,” he said. “It’s a growing company and there are a ton of opportunities.

“I’m super thankful for the University and the four years I spent there and now I love the company I work for and the leadership.”

Because they are a Christian company the slogan on their website “restoring homes with integrity” takes on a deeper meaning. Trahern said the desire and mission of their organization is to provide peace of mind and confidence to people going through difficult times.

That approach is rare in the construction and restoration industry, particularly in South Florida where shady business practices are common and the customer is the one who loses out. “We want to be able to provide empathy and compassion for them and serve them and meet needs,” Trahern said.

President and CEO John Torres said overbilling insurance companies is also common and when Entrusted mails back a check to an insurance carrier for an overpayment, insurers simply don’t have a category for that. It’s that approach that Torres says provides peace of mind in their clients.

When it comes to hiring it goes beyond just the career, Torres said. Entrusted hires TMU grads with the goal of having them experience discipleship, local church involvement, and leadership development.

The leadership team at Entrusted is committed to only open up locations where there is a solid, local church. If one of their employees is going to head up another location, the leadership wants to be sure they are in good hands. “We want to try to make sure the employee and their family are going to be cared for by the local church.”

Torres says arguably the company’s best business opportunity right now is in Nashville but locating a church that holds a high view of God, correct view of sanctification and low view of man has proven problematic. “We think that eternally we are stewards and are entrusted with the souls of the young (people) and we want to make sure they are cared for spiritually,” he said.

One of Entrusted’s hires is Reid Price, Chief Business Officer. Price was an assistant baseball coach at Master’s who has had a huge impact on Entrusted. “He has blessed our company massively and has continued to be a strong and effective leader in our company,” Trahern said. Under Price’s leadership he has helped take Entrusted from a $3 million company to a $17 million company and from 25 employees to 100 in 5 years.

“There hasn’t been one Master’s grad who hasn’t been very successful in our organization. They all are excelling in whatever position they are and continue to keep growing and promoted in our company,” Trahern said.

Entrusted’s success is tied back to its hiring philosophy. “You must have character and integrity at the leadership level, and you must hire those individuals that imbibe in the same personal convictions,” Torres said. “Therefore, then, our customers experience that as the product or outflow of our organization.”

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