Convocation Chapel

Beginning in 1927, on the foundation of an uncompromising commitment to the inerrancy of Scripture and the God who wrote it, The Master’s University has been unshakeable in a century of turbulence. Celebrating our ninetieth year as an institution and our first year as a university, the entire student body and faculty gathered together for the annual convocation chapel.

We looked upon our history. Founded on the eve of the Great Depression, surviving World War II, the Cold War, social revolutions, and the world’s continuous decline, we are still standing firm, a constant in the midst of change. As the world continues to collapse in on itself we have become stronger; a testament to this is our expanding status as a university.

**We rejoiced in our present. **We watched our beloved professors enter dressed in the black robes and the sashes worn originally at their own graduation ceremony before wearing them at each graduation since, witnessing with pride their own students walk across the stage. We welcomed three new professors, a representation of our expanding fields. As Dr. Stead, Vice President for Academic Affairs, remarked, “a school only requires two things . . . teachers and students”. Without our dedicated professors, this special place nestled in Placerita Canyon would not exist or stand at the high academic caliber it does.

We looked to our future. Dr. John MacArthur, now standing as the longest serving university president in California, opened God’s Word to an eager audience and expressed his desire for the future of those at Master’s. “Divine enlightenment and divine enablement. To grasp the greatness of God’s plan, the power and person of Christ. That you would be a powerful person starting now and for the rest of your life where Christ can settle down and be at home. A person, who by life in Christ, can manifest the communicable attributes of God so that God can do through you beyond what you can ask or think. This is what will make your life a success in the kingdom of God, this is why the Lord brought you here and no one else.” Past. Present. Future. All under God’s providential power, for His glory and our good. “We stand for this and live for this; this is The Master’s University!”

Alumni Focus: Ryan Zamroz

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