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Ranked No. 1 in the state of California by the NASBA surpassing other universities like USC, Stanford, Berkeley, and UCLA in their CPA exam scores, The Master’s University now offers an online MBA program.

“Our main goal was to reach the whole world,” stated Business Department Chair, Dr. Kevin Hill, “pastors, missionaries, Master’s grads, followers of Dr. MacArthur, and anyone else desiring to be educated in Business Administration.” This is exactly what they have done. The two-year program caters to adults in every walk of life desiring to further develop their understanding of business practices building on previous education and experience.

Matthew Frields, speaking on balancing his participation in the program, full-time employment and being a parent of three, acknowledged the programs flexibility and benefits. “Anytime you can pursue education it’s a wise thing to do. The more knowledge you have the wiser you become and the better decisions you can make; it helps give you discernment and builds your resume”. In 2012, the U.S. Census Bureau determined only 10.9 percent of people in the United States over the age of 25 have obtained master’s degrees.

Obtaining your master’s degree instantly sets you apart, but obtaining one from The Master’s University places you on a separate plane. For both the undergraduate and graduate courses “there are no shortcuts. The program is strong and not watered down. You cannot just pass if you show up and take notes, you cannot fake it, you need to put the effort in” Dr. Hill explained. The graduates from the Bachelor’s program are actively recruited not only because of the expertise and work ethic built into them but also because of their integrity. “They stick out like a sore thumb, as there is a large demand for businessmen and women of integrity. Most local businesses don’t care about anything else, as long as they are from Master’s” and it will be the same with the graduates of the MBA program. Higher education equals a higher demand; with this program there is no opportunity cost academically or spiritually.

Undergraduate and graduate students alike are taught what it looks like to be a Christian in the business world, the greatest of the instruction methods being the testimonies of the professors themselves. Each is a strong Christian and all are experienced at the highest-level in business. They prepare their students for compromises they could be confronted with, asking the hard questions and giving difficult scenarios — challenging them to think. When graduates are called to act they will know what to do. Hannah Michelson, a recent graduate of the business program and Executive Team Leader of Operations at Target, reflected “I am using my major in ways I never would have known when I started out. I love how the business program department was high quality, and yet gospel centered”.

No. 8 among the top 10 institutions nationally, the Business Department at The Master’s University is a force to be reckoned with. It’s the only place for those desiring a rigorous, strengthening, instructive, and Christ-honoring education for the world of business.

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