An Interview With The Wife of Imprisoned Alberta Pastor James Coates

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This week’s episode of Women’s Hope, a podcast produced by The Master’s University, features guest Erin Coates, the wife of the Alberta pastor imprisoned for defying health department restrictions related to COVID-19.

Erin’s husband, James, is an alumnus of The Master’s Seminary and a pastor at GraceLife Church.

Erin spoke this week to Women’s Hope about what prepared her to be bold in this moment and the importance of the local church, among other things.

Near the episode’s conclusion, Women’s Hope co-host Kimberly Cummings had a very clear parting message for Erin Coates.

“Thank you so much for just being the light that God created you to be,” Cummings said. “And I can say with so many other women as we are watching you go through this, that we are so excited to say, ‘This is my sister and her love for Jesus is unmistakable.’ Know that here in America we are cheering you on.”

Erin responded: “Thank you for all of your prayers, all of your listeners that are praying for us. I don’t take those for granted, I need them. I know the Lord uses means to carry us through on Earth, and the thousands of prayers that people are praying for us — that’s giving us strength and helping us have clarity and resolve in this. So my thanks to everybody who has been so faithful to carry this burden for our family and for our church. I can’t wait to see you all in eternity if I don’t see you this side of heaven.”

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