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In 2016 and 2017 students at The Master’s University were asked, “if you could start over would you still choose this college?”

The answers then were a resounding yes and the reason the Wall Street Journal ranked Master’s as the No. 1 Right Choice of institutions rated among the nation’s 4,000 colleges and universities. We had a higher percentage of students answer yes to that question than any other institution in the nation.

A recent survey shows the students have the same answer today.

Titus Cantrell, a freshman from South Africa, said TMU is way above his expectations and he would choose Master’s again 100 percent. “I wanted to come here where I’d actually be discipled by my professors and be able to learn from them and trust them rather than just getting information that I have to combat and digest,” he said.

Cantrell follows in a long line of Master’s products. His parents went to Master’s and his grandparents both taught Biblical Counseling here. “I always knew I wanted to come here. Every single class has met my expectations. The Bible classes — even though I’m a pastor’s kid — I’ve learned so much and it’s just changed the way I think about the Bible,” he said. “And then the history, literature and economics classes are based on a biblical worldview. I’m able to think about those things biblically which has been an incredible experience.”

Students recently took part in the Student Satisfaction Inventory and the results echo that strong satisfaction with their experience at the school.

The study is a national tool that compares TMU results with 5.5 million students representing 2,700 other national four-year private universities. The survey was conducted by private consulting firm Ruffalo Noel Levitz, a leader in college research and consulting.

The survey asks students to rate the importance of — and their satisfaction with — several factors related to their overall school experience including student life, instructional effectiveness and campus climate.

On three key questions TMU student responses were 20 percent higher than their peers. Those questions were:

  • “So far, how has your college experience met your expectations?” (20% higher)

  • “Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience here thus far. (16% higher)

  • “All in all, if you had to do it over, would you enroll here again?” (20% higher)


Sophomore Mak Van Wingerden is studying marketing media and says he would absolutely pick Master’s again with no hesitation. “Partially because the doctrinal statement is so clear and it’s becoming rarer to find a college that holds to six-day creation and doesn’t waver from that.

“I expected the school to be a godly focus. I really enjoy how each class has an emphasis how the Bible can be applied to the world. Even if it’s a business class it’s still there and that’s something I’ve really appreciated. The biblical worldview, I really enjoy that. That’s definitely met my expectations and exceeded it,” he said.

When asked to “Rate your overall satisfaction with your experience here thus far,” TMU students answered with 6.13 on a scale was from 1 to 7 with 7 being “Much better than expected.”

Jacquelyn Mallet, a TMU sophomore from Idaho studying kinesiology, said “I have been super pleased with my experience here. I’ve learned a ton and it’s grown me a lot being here, in ways that I don’t think any other school could measure up to. … I really do believe that. I love my school.”

Mallet is on the women’s basketball team and feels that camaraderie is one of the aspects helping her spiritual growth. “Having a team with coaches and teammates all that love the Lord and put Christ in the center of that … it’s in the classroom, all my professors, the people you meet, the friends you have, it’s everywhere. Spiritually I don’t know if there’s a school that compares,” she said. “That’s what mattered the most to me when I was picking a school. I’ve learned a ton, good biblical knowledge I didn’t have before.”

Freshman Danielle Tweidt said, “I was not expecting to like it here. I knew that it was the right thing for my faith, to go to a college that would help me grow.”

She changed her tune, however, once she got to campus. During WOW week she said, “I immediately fell in love with the campus and I fell in love with the people here and the academics … I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.”

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