An Inside Perspective on The Board

The Board of Directors at The Master’s University is made up of men who have a passion for TMU and what the institution stands for. They stand firmly behind the Master’s mission.

The mission of The Master’s University “is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God worldwide.”

The board is a collection of men with diverse backgrounds and skillsets. There are local and global businessmen, pastors, 10 professional educators, doctors, a dentist and a US Air Force Lt. General (retired). Their collective experience includes serving on 91 other boards, including a number of higher education boards.

Board members pour their lives into The Master’s University, devoting countless hours to the school and its mission to train up students to have an impact for Christ.

The TMU board is comprised of men devoted to the university not just with their time but with their money as well. Over the past 10 years, board members have committed more than $60 million toward the school and its future.

They are personally invested.

“That is the mark of their fidelity and their commitment,” said TMU President, John MacArthur. “These guys spend their lives working so they can invest in the kingdom of God.

“I’ve never seen a finer group of dedicated leaders who are whole-heartedly committed to our biblical mission,” MacArthur said. “Their leadership and their investment are unquestioned.”

The board reaffirms the school’s continuing commitment to Biblical truth and its commitment to unapologetically proclaim and protect orthodox Christian beliefs.

“These men support the quality of education here,” said John Stead, Senior Vice President and Provost at Master’s. “They bring immense expertise to the board. They’ve sent their kids and grandkids here.”

The TMU board expects and guides its students and faculty to follow their example of living a life without compromise.

Meet the Board: Dr. Felix Martin del Campo Jr.

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