2016 Presidential Election and Current Events

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Article by Karin Sicoli

The never ending commentary on this ‘historic election’ is playing out in real-time on every cable news channel and newspaper headline. The rhetoric is getting louder and more vicious on both sides and Tuesday, November 8th, cannot come soon enough. The anxiety and fear is palpable.

Both Clinton and Trump are plagued by personal rumors, scandals and have some of the most unfavorable ratings in campaign history. Everyone has an opinion on both candidates, and it’s often founded on one’s choice of media bias. We are happily entrenched with our partisan squads, unwilling to consider anything that could change our minds. Political conversation is nothing but combustible.

Some Conservatives, and especially Christians, prefer to take the ‘high road’ choosing to disregard both candidates believing them to be so vile they will either submit a protest vote or not vote at all. Neither candidate has their support. Is that being a faithful American citizen? Is the only alternative to pick “the best of the worst” and swallow the bitter pill? Many well-taught, Bible-believing Christians can’t agree on what the right answer is and their responses have fallen into two arenas. The first based upon fear, as society has fallen into the lie of “cultural relativism.” We are told to encourage “inclusiveness” of every bizarre secular idea and strangled any true, Bible-based belief. This intimidates many Christians and they fear rejection and public humiliation. Have Christians lost their voice? The second is defensive. Others jump into the fray and spout off a witty 140-word tweet in response to an outrageous social media post. Some lies are too obvious to ignore and we feel obliged to defend the truth.

Either way, most of us agree that whichever candidate wins, they will face some of the toughest challenges we’ve seen of late. Racial divides, that were seemingly resolved, are ripping us apart as a nation; we’ve seen this in Ferguson, Baltimore, Dallas and now in Charlotte. We rightly fear violence and chaos in our cities and streets: we are on edge. Our national security is at risk as well. Our allies no longer trust our promises and our enemies are taking notice: tyrants and emboldened terrorists are no longer fearful of a U.S. response. Even our moral character, as a nation, is at stake. Suddenly we can’t figure out which bathroom to use! Laws that devalue life, from abortion to euthanasia, are being proposed. Sport’s heroes refuse to stand during the National Anthem and civil disobedience is extoled as a right. It appears inevitable that America is poised to continue rushing headlong in a godless direction.

Have we forsaken all historical and traditional Christian values? Is there a path back to the America of our youth? Was that only an illusion of peace and prosperity? Is there any hope and if so, where is it found? Many trust in God’s sovereign will and ultimately know how the story ends, but what action can we take to be faithful to the truth while this country eagerly questions truth’s very meaning?

All the World's a Stage

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