II. Variations on the Logo

Variations on the official logo not mentioned on this page and available for download in the download section are prohibited. Do not attempt to make your own variations. Approved variations are available for download on these web pages. For questions please contact the Office of Advancement.

Department Identifiers with the logo

Each department or unit within the College can have its own logo lockup in both a stacked and horizontal version. In these logos, the department name falls below a thin line underneath The Master’s College logo. Department logos can be prepared as digital art. Do not attempt to re-create a logo.

Department Lockup.png

Color Versions

Whenever possible, use a version of the logo which includes both of our primary colors, The Master’s College blue and gold. This includes the full-color version on a white or neutral background (see the color section), gold version on blue or the blue version on gold.



Reverse Versions

Logo and type may be knocked out in white on dark and/or textured backgrounds as long as logo is visible.


Two-Color and One-Color Versions

When printing restrictions do not permit use of both primary colors, use the blue one-color logo on a white or neutral background or the white logo reversed out of blue.

Logo_Normal_Blue_Web_Small.jpg Logo_Normal_White_Web_Small.png

On blue backgrounds, it is preferable to reverse out The Master’s College gold logo.


If two colors are not available, the logo may be reversed out in white.

Specific versions are avaiable for download for black and white priniting here: normal, vertical, horizontal, and athletic.

Other acceptable versions include:

  1. One-Color Blue Logo on White Background
  2. One-Color Blue Logo on Neutral background or paperstock
  3. One-Color Blue Logo on Gold background
  4. White Logo reversed out of dark blue background
  5. One-Color Gold Logo reversed out of blue background