Graphic Standards


The focus of a visual identity at any campus is usually its logo, but the following pages reflect a comprehensive identity system — including logo and word mark, typefaces, color palettes and design templates — for presenting information logically and consistently. These standards have the endorsement of the President and the Executive Vice President and will enable The Master’s College to achieve clarity, accuracy and efficiency in all print and electronic communications. Implementation of these standards will develop greater awareness of the College as a whole while enabling units, departments and programs to communicate effectively as distinct entities.

Vision for Graphic Design Standards

The primary graphic identity for the campus focuses around our logo and campus motto. The logo and its attendant motto are central to how we represent our campus. The Master’s College is committed to Christ and Scripture. This commitment is expressed in every endeavor as we seek to educate our students. Now, we can clearly and consistently articulate this commitment to our constituents through our graphic identity.

Perhaps the most powerful, tangible evidence of an organization’s promise is its visual identity. This guide was developed to ensure that who we are and how we are perceived are one and the same. By using this guide, you will not only help solidify our identity but also help us realize our ideals.

This comprehensive graphic system outlined in this manual is a structure for communicating and presenting information about The Master’s College accurately, logically, clearly and with distinction.

In order to create and build the brand for The Master’s College, the standards and guidelines presented in this manual are important and expected to be followed by every campus unit and department. Embracing and following these standards will be advantageous to the entire campus community, allowing us to achieve clarity and effectiveness in all print and electronic communications.

It is impossible to cover all potential uses and applications of the new identity; therefore, this manual is intended to be an introduction and a guide to basic components of the identity system. The manual will be updated consistently to reflect changes in technology and campus operation.  Overall, the manual will be reviewed by the members of the college’s Integrated Marketing Team on an ongoing basis to reflect changes in college programs, new technology and new academic and outreach efforts.

Our commitment to establishing a successful graphic identity will be demonstrated in the brand identity we produce. When the graphic system is fully implemented, the identity will consistently distinguish all college publications and advertising, all print, electronic and audio-visual materials. This graphic system will thus provide visual unity to our expansive and diverse campus and bring clarity to the public about our purpose and mission as a leading international Christian liberal arts college.

Central Points

The Master’s College logo, motto, word mark, and official athletic symbols are the only graphics approved to represent the college.

Departments are not permitted to develop their own logos. The design or use of any other logo representing the college or its departments is PROHIBITED. Departments can use an identifier under the campus word mark as outlined in Section II ("Variations") of this graphic standard.

If you would like the Marketing Department to create an approved logo for your department, please email or

The logo and word mark may be used individually or combined in the manner shown in this guide. No other combinations are permitted.

Use only approved digital art of the logo and word mark.



The Master's College Marketing Department reserves the right to change, adjust or make exceptions to these graphic standards as the need arises. Please contact the Marketing Department if you have questions or would like to submit for approval an image/logo that is not defined in the graphic standard or does not meet the basic graphic standard requirements.

Phone: 661-362-2826

Kirk Linahan, Director of Marketing

Heidi Keller, Graphic Designer