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March 4 Lecture: Abner Chou

The Queen of Sciences: Reclaiming the Rightful Place of Theology and Creation

Friday March 4 at 2:00PM PST, BSC 200/201 & Livestream

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We are delighted to host Dr. Abner Chou in a moderated Q&A session on his new article The Queen of the Sciences: Reclaiming the Rightful Place of Theology and Creation,” recently published in the inaugural issue of The Journal of The Math3ma Institute. Our moderator, Dr. Tai-Danae Bradley, will ask Dr. Chou a list of pre-selected questions intended to introduce the audience to Dr. Chou’s article. Questions and discussions from the audience will also be encouraged throughout. Here is a short description of “The Queen of the Sciences”:

“Historically, theology was viewed as the queen of the sciences. But in recent days this has fallen out of favor, especially due to the unpopularity of the doctrine of creation. Instead, science is viewed as its own autonomous foundation. This article surveys through the issues surrounding creation and argues that a realism of biblical authority and revelation establishes theology and creation as a necessary framework for science. It also will contend that the interpretation of Genesis 1–3 is clear and clearly historical as well as that the doctrine of creation is inextricably linked with the totality of Christian theology. Even more, it will survey God’s plan of redemption and illustrate that creation is the basis and driver of God’s redemptive work. Creation holds the answers to the toughest questions people have about this world and evil. With that, by virtue of divine authority, theology is the queen of the sciences, and within this, the doctrine of creation helps to restore the true value and beauty of science. Therefore, it should be the starting point of the sciences.”

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Abner Chou

Dr. Abner Chou is the John MacArthur Fellow and Interim President at The Master’s University & Seminary. He holds a BA in Biblical Languages from TMU, an MDiv, ThM, and ThD from The Master’s Seminary in Old Testament, and is the author of I Saw the Lord: A Biblical Theology of Vision (Wipf and Stock, 2013), What Happened in the Garden: The Reality and Ramifications of the Creation and Fall of Man (Kregel, 2016), and The Hermeneutics of the Biblical Writers (Kregel, 2018) which has also been translated into Spanish. He is the author of numerous other articles and book chapters and is currently editing two new books, one on Greek grammar and linguistics and the other on the Psalms. Most recently, Dr. Chou has served as head translator for both the Old Testament and New Testament Legacy Standard Bible, which is anticipated to be the most accurate translation of the English Bible in existence. On a personal note, Dr. Chou enjoys reading, hiking, traveling, fountain pens and spending time with students and, of course, his family. The Lord has blessed Abner with an incredible wife and ministry partner, Johanna, and four children: Nehemiah, Naomi, Meital and Hannah.

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