International Students Tuition Care

International Students Tuition Care

50% Tuition For Qualifying International Students

The Master’s University strives to offer students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. We endeavor to keep costs as low as possible, and consequently, our tuition is among the most economical for a private university. For international students affiliated with The Master’s Institute International (TMAI), Grace To You (GTY), The Master’s Seminary (TMS) or other affiliates, we offer a 50% tuition-only scholarship. This is a need-based grant available to students who meet all the below criteria. The student’s need is determined through the standard financial aid procedure for international students.

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  1. Student must not be a US resident or US citizen.

  2. Student must have demonstrated affiliation to TMU including TMAI, GTY, TMS or alumni.

  3. Student remains eligible for TMU Department Scholarships, TMU Ministry Match, TMU Founder’s or TMU Donor’s scholarships or grants, and is eligible for work-study and on-campus employment

  4. Student is no longer eligible for Academic Scholarships, but does remain eligible for the TMU President’s Scholarship. In the event that the student receives the President’s Scholarship, the President’s Scholarship will replace the International Student Tuition Care package in favor of the student.

  5. Student must be a new, first-time applicant to The Master’s University and be admitted to the full-time, on-campus, traditional undergraduate program starting in the 2021-22 academic year.

  6. The 2021-22 tuition is $27,950. Students qualifying for “International Students Tuition Care” benefit from an adjusted tuition rate of $13,975.

  7. Room, board, or any additional fees or expenses are not covered in this plan.

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