Gym renovation project underway along Placerita

By Amanda Mothershead

The Master’s College has broken ground on a three-phase renovation project for the building that houses the Robert K. Bross Gymnasium, as well and the area around it. The project will include adding air conditioning to the facility, construction of a new multi-purpose lobby and the addition of an outdoor area and new TMC signage.

The result will be the creation of a new, multi-purpose facility that will be called The MacArthur Center.


“As we looked at this project we wanted to be good stewards of all our facilities. All our facilities on campus need to be multi-purposeful,” said TMC executive vice-president and provost Dr. Mark Tatlock. “Recognizing that all of our chapels are held in the gym – as well as conferences like Truth and Life or events for enrollment – we understand that what happens in our gymnasium is not just for sports. It also supports the other major programs.”

Phase one, which began this month, is expected to be completed by the start of the fall sports season in late August. This will be a welcome improvement, not only for students who attend chapel services in the gym throughout the week, but also for the athletes who call the gymnasium home.

“I’m looking forward to the new air conditioning system,” said Olivia Gwinn, a member of the Mustang volleyball team “It will be refreshing not to be drenched in sweat.”

Basketball player Chris Patureau agreed.

“Having an air conditioned gym will help our bodies physically last longer on a hot 90-plus degree day,” he said. “By lasting longer, we can be more productive in our practice time.”

Volleyball and basketball players aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the new air conditioning. Students who attend chapel three times a week during the hot months throughout the year are thrilled about this new addition as well.

“The air conditioning is going to be great for all of us in chapel,” said sophomore John Popadics. “It will be a lot easier to focus on the teaching rather than focus on how hot I am.”

Phase two – the new lobby – will triple the size of the current lobby and will include expanded bathrooms. It will also include a new concession area and a meeting room, which will serve as a multi-purpose facility for the school’s events and conferences.


Phase three – the new plaza and school signage – will create the more distinct entry for the campus. The plaza will include outdoor seating and water features, along with new landscaping.

“This building is the front door to the college and when you think about every guest who has come to the college, more people go through that gym lobby and the gym than any other building and frankly, it doesn’t represent our commitment to excellence,” Tatlock said.


The architectural design will reflect the theme of the college’s most recent building projects – the Welcome Center and Legacy Room, and the newly constructed cafeteria and balcony.

The lobby and outdoor plaza are slated to be finished in December.

Amanda Mothershead is a sophomore communications major.