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Advancing The Master’s University’s Highest Priority

The TMU Fund is the University’s unrestricted annual fund that represents an ongoing investment in the University’s highest priority: Improving affordability for every TMU student so that we can execute our mission.

The baseline goal upon which all other ambitions are built is to make The Master’s University affordable for all students. We would like students at TMU to experience their education fully, without having to work additional jobs to cover tuition bills. Our desire is for Alumni to be able to transition to their careers when they graduate, unsaddled by debilitating sums of debt. TMU’s mission necessitates that we seriously address affordability, allowing our students and their families to focus on educational possibilities at TMU rather than a prohibitive price tag.

  • More than 90% of students at TMU rely on scholarship funds in order to attend.

  • The TMU Fund subsidizes the cost of tuition for its students.

  • Your gift equips young men and women for spiritual service and leadership.

In short, the TMU Fund invests in The Master’s University’s most critical ministry opportunity - its students.

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The MacArthur Endowment provides scholarship assistance for TMU students. The endowment’s purpose represents the heart of Dr. John MacArthur to make TMU’s biblical education affordable to those who would otherwise not be able to obtain it due to financial constraints. The endowment funds several of TMU’s most prestigious scholarships given to students annually, including Founders’ Scholarship and Provosts’ Scholarship.

These scholarship funds seek to impact the nations for Jesus Christ by providing financial assistance to worthy underprivileged students, minority students exhibiting leadership aptitude, and students who evidence the desire to advance the gospel worldwide.

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Bridging The Gap

The Founders’ Fund provides scholarship assistance for new, transfer, and continuing TMU students. Funds are specially designated for those who have been admitted into the University but are unable to enroll due to a funding “gap” between the student’s financial package and what their family can afford.

These scholarship funds seek to impact the nations for Jesus Christ by enabling students who have been affirmed as worthy candidates for admittance into TMU, including affirmation from home church leaders and educators, and have demonstrated faithfulness to Christ and learning.

Fall 2020 By The Numbers

Number of Students Impacted 110+
Amount Given to Students Through the Founders’ Fund $350,000+

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Generations Endowment

Faithful Churches for Generational Influence

The name of the endowment signifies that the endowed scholarship is established by the donors to provide scholarship assistance to students coming from faithful churches to The Master’s University & Seminary to be trained for generational influence for the Kingdom of God. The intent of the endowed fund also contributes to financial sustainability to assure that TMUS can continue to maintain its mission in steadfastly teaching the next generation of young men and women in sound biblical truth.

The fund provides financial assistance to deserving students at either The Master’s University or The Master’s Seminary who show progress toward completion of a degree at TMUS.

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Lydia Endowment

Establishment of The Master’s University Lydia Fund

The Lydia Endowment is an endowment fund established by friends of The Master’s University in order to enhance the faculty at TMU. The endowment began in 2012 and is founded upon Acts 16:14-15. The income from the fund is used to support, retain, and/or recruit faculty at TMU, including, but not limited to, augmenting the salaries of new or existing faculty in order to make the salaries of the faculty more competitive in the higher-education job market.

The faculty at The Master’s University are experts in their fields and accomplished academics. All faculty are united in their shared commitment to the authority and inerrancy of Scripture and have devoted their lives to the training up of future generations of the Church to the glory of God.

As we seek to honor the Lord through our University, it is important that we are able to provide resources to our current faculty for professional development, as well as seek out highly qualified candidates to fulfill new faculty appointments as we continually increase the number of academic programs available to students.

It is the commitment of The Master’s University to offer challenging academic degree programs that seek to ensure student mastery of the skills and knowledge which are critical to success in one’s chosen profession. All that we seek to accomplish at TMU by the Lord’s grace begins and ends with the faithfulness of our beloved faculty to Christ and Scripture in the classroom.

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John R. Dunkin Alumni Endowment

The John R. Dunkin Endowment provides scholarship assistance for The Master’s University students who are the children of alumni or whose parents are active associates of the University. TMU alumni and active associates are our greatest treasure and serve as ambassadors for the University around the world to put on display the biblically sound education available at TMU. Our desire is that the children of these faithful individuals would be able to receive the same education so cherished by their parents.

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