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1927 Society

Continue the Blessing

The 1927 Society was created to provide a way for TMU alumni, friends, and family to support current students who require financial assistance to continue their Christ-Centered education at The Master’s University. Thousands of TMU graduates have received scholarship aid from donor funds during their time at the University. This Fund continues that blessing of awarding scholarships to deserving students directly from donors like you, our alumni and family*.

Join the many Mustangs already supporting current students and future alumni.

Those Who Are Involved in the 1927 Society

  • Give a minimum of $10 a month or $120 annually.
  • Are ambassadors for TMU, engaging prospective students and informing them of the great opportunities available at The Master’s University.
  • Partner with TMU by employing graduating students, providing internships for current students, and mentoring students and graduates as they transition into the workforce.
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How can you help?

Our PRIMARY objective is to make our biblically centered education affordable for those who desire it.

We need partners in our pursuit of tuition affordability. Our generous donors play a significant role in funding scholarships, without which many students would not be able to attend The Master's University. Other significant areas of giving are our endowment funds, estate gifts, and our music and athletic departments.

The Master's University equips young Christian men and women for spiritual service and leadership - on the job, in the home, and through their ministries.

Every class we teach and every degree we confer stand on the foundation of God's Word. Our students acquire knowledge from a biblical perspective, filtering everything they learn through the lens of God's Word. In other words, they gain wisdom to serve and wisdom to lead.

I invite you to join us in training the next generation of Christian leaders.

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