Coronavirus: Update, November 18, 2020

As Thanksgiving approaches, I’m grateful for the wonderful semester we’ve had at The Master’s University. Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to adjust a lot of our campus experience, it has not dampened the joy and resilience of our students, faculty, and staff.

When we started the school year back in August, we introduced significant health and safety protocols that included restrictions on in-person events and gatherings, as well as mask requirements, and deep sanitation throughout campus [link to reopening plan]. We knew these guidelines would be challenging for our students. Thankfully, they have complied over the past three months, and as the semester nears its end, we are grateful that we have had no serious COVID-19 related illness within the Master’s community.

Four members of our campus community are currently positive with COVID-19. All are Isolated and recovering well. We anticipate that these individuals will soon make a full recovery, leave isolation, and rejoin the campus community. Whenever a student tests positive for COVID-19, he or she immediately isolates. The TMU Health Center also conducts contact tracing to identify any close contacts and quarantines those at risk. We believe this process—tracing and quarantining —has stopped the spread of the virus. Of course, quarantine is difficult. It can be taxing to isolate for as long as two weeks. But we have seen tremendous compliance, and for that, we are grateful.

After the Thanksgiving break, students will have a week to study and finalize projects, then they will have finals the week of December 7-11. At that time, we say goodbye to 33 seniors who graduate at the end of this semester. A special congratulations to them. Come January, we look forward to a return to class on Monday, January 18, and before that, our annual Truth and Life Conference, January 13-15. The theme is The Gospel: The Truth that Saves and the Deception that Damns.

What an extraordinary season it is to be a Mustang, both in the challenge and the blessing. The complications of COVID-19 are everywhere, but so is the sturdy joy of our campus community. The Lord has cared for us in remarkable ways. He has provided for our number one priority—the health and safety of our students—and He’s allowed us to provide the highest caliber of education. What a privilege it is to serve the Sovereign King and live under His good and guiding hand.

Dr. Sam Horn TMUS President

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