Coronavirus: Update, July 8, 2020

The Master’s University is vigilantly monitoring and responding to new information about COVID-19. No COVID-19 cases have been reported at TMU. As things continue to evolve, we are following recommendations and guidance from the authorities and local health officials. We care deeply about the health of our students, faculty, and staff and have gathered our infectious disease task force and four additional dedicated task forces to oversee TMU’s preparedness efforts at our Los Angeles and IBEX campuses.

See our ten categories listed on this page, our regular updates, and the FAQ drop-down information also contained below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our emergency hotline.

  • The fall semester begins as scheduled on August 27.
  • Residential, on-campus instruction will continue until November 24.
  • The final two weeks of the semester, after the Thanksgiving break, may be completed off-campus.
  • New financial aid is available for new and continuing students.
  • Solutions for international students for visas, travel, and SEVP, DHS, or ICE requirements.
  • Updated physical distancing protocols mandated by governing authorities.
  • Expanded student health and support services.
  • Procedures for our health clinic to trace any infection on campus using Health Department guidelines.
  • Partnership with the local Henry Mayo Hospital to provide testing and patient care for our students and community.
  • Procedures for reporting health conditions daily and for checking temperatures at any time.
  • Solutions to downsize large groups, informed by federal and local guidelines.
  • Extended admissions deadlines and admissions testing requirements.
  • Solutions to allow access to chapel.
  • Solutions for athletic competitions.
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