Coronavirus: Update, April 16, 2020

Nearly a month has passed since The Master’s University closed its campus and moved all classes to remote instruction for the rest of the 2019-20 academic year. At the time, we committed to keeping campus closed until May 8. If students needed to come to campus before then, they were instructed to make an appointment with student life. This was done to comply with a Safer at Home order from the County of Los Angeles, an order which has now been expanded to May 15. Given the extension to the order, The Master’s University will extend its campus closure by one week.

If students still have belongings on campus, they need to make an appointment with student life to come and retrieve them. We have established policies to ensure everyone on campus practices social distancing. We have provided disinfecting stations throughout campus. We strongly encourage any students with belongings still on campus to make that appointment before May 15. Come mid-May, the University will begin renovations on two dorms, so we want to make sure we have cleared all student belongings before then.

An expanded set of health regulations from Los Angeles County also mandates that members of the public wear cloth face coverings when traveling to essential businesses. While on campus, TMU employees are required to wear cloth face coverings if their work brings them into close contact with other workers or members of the public.

This month away from campus has made all of us long to be together again. And it’s reminded all of us why we love The Master’s University. The relationships, the discipleship, the person-to-person, life-to-life interactions that shape us all and are dearly missed. Let’s commit together to pray for the end of this crisis, that the Lord would spare lives, heal the sick, and restore the in-person relationships we all love so dearly.

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