Coronavirus: Update, March 13, 2020


Do I need to change my Spring Break plans?
It depends on location: please check back for updates.

Are classes cancelled or going online?
Not currently. Classes resume as normal on March 30. The situation may change rapidly, so please alert for future updates via TMU’s website and email.

Why are we not cancelling classes like some other institutions?
Our Response Task Force and Administration are vigilantly working on this to stay current with mandated policies, recommendations from health professionals, important trends, and other industry standards. Please direct any necessary questions to RDs, professors, and/or appropriate staff members, and stay tuned for updates.

Why did TMS say they are suspending classes and moving to remote instruction?
Their spring break is not until Easter week. In order to coordinate and stay consistent with TMU and fulfill state requirements, they are using remote instruction to span this gap until March 30th.

Could the policy we hear today change soon?
Yes - just as things have changed rapidly in the last 72 hours. This does not mean you should assume we are going online or make plans that are in disregard of established policy.

What about previously scheduled campus events this Spring?
The Theatre production opening weekend has been postponed, and at this time showings on April 3 & 4 will continue as scheduled, but we are closely monitoring the situation and will adjust as necessary. View The U on March 26/27 and Mondays@Master’s on April 6 have been postponed, with new dates to be determined. Decisions regarding Monty’s, graduation, and other events are still undetermined. Please continue to check the website for updates.

What if your involvement in these events affects the timing of your return to campus?
The director of your department will be contacting you with updates.

Housing and Board

Before returning to campus, students must check for any changes regarding domestic travel restrictions and self-isolations.

Can I stay on campus during both weeks during Spring Break?

Do I need to move all my stuff out of the dorms?
No. Dorms remain open and RD’s remain on duty. Currently, you simply have an additional week of Spring Break.

Should I collect my things and check out of the dorms?
No. There are no known cases at TMU at this time, but we are taking all mandated and necessary precautions to stay submissive to authorities (Romans 13:1; 1 Pet 2:13-17) and safe. We plan to resume classes on Monday, March 30th.

Will there be food?
The cafeteria will be closed March 16-20 as planned, and it will reopen as planed on March 23rd. Students must let their RD’s know if they plan to be back on campus for the second week. If you are stuck on campus the first week due to your cancellation of travel plans and cannot afford to buy food, please see your RD, who is able to make necessary arrangements on a need basis and case-by-case basis.

What does self-isolation mean?
Self-isolation, if necessary, means that individuals must remain off-campus, in the continental US or Canada, not in a highly affected area as determined by the health authorities at that time, at one’s own expense, with social distancing from the TMU community, for 14 days from the period of re-entry.

What is a highly affected area?
Parameters are pending according to CDC, local health authorities, and campus task force guidelines. Important note if you are traveling to Washington, New York, and Massachusetts: These areas are currently considered highly affected. Please check the website for updates which may impact your return to TMU from these areas.

How will I be notified of any changes when I am on break?
Check the website and your TMU email frequently.

Do I need to notify TMU regarding where I am going, when I will return, and where I have been? Yes, please make necessary adjustments on chapel sign-in sheets and/or notify your RD by email regarding any changes while you are away.

What about students who have already left campus for break?
They should monitor the website and TMU email for the most up-to-date information and keep their RD informed via email on travel locations and return dates.

What about IBEX students?
Students currently at IBEX will return on April 10th. This is not due to any concern on the part of Israeli authorities or TMU for their current safety. This is specifically related to the challenges of global travel (with airlines reducing flights) combined with travel restrictions from the US. When they return, they will be under the previously communicated 14-day self-isolation from the TMU campus.

Important Announcement

A mail room employee picked up an international traveler who may have been exposed to COVID-19. The traveler and mail room employee are not showing any symptoms. However, out of an abundance of caution, the employee is self-isolating.

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