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All throughout the year, institutional events and reservations have first priority on our calendar. This especially comes into play during the semester when the whole campus is alive with classes, student events, and regular day-to-day activities dealing with campus life.

Because of this, the availability of our classrooms is very limited; however, groups can generally reserve a classroom during the evenings or on weekends. Our athletic facilities are also limited during the school year due to the athletic schedules of our teams.

Some facilities are not available at all during the school year (August-May). Students reside in the dorms during the semester, which means that our dormitories are not available to groups at all during the semester schedule. Our cafeteria is also not available for regular cafeteria use during the school year.

Though we cannot provide regular use of the cafeteria, our catering team is always willing to cater elsewhere on campus. We can provide year-round a wide array of appetizer, meal, and dessert options.

During the semester, we can offer Audio/Visual services on many occasions. Our technicians are available to assist with presentations, sound systems, and video set-up. TMU’s A/V equipment is available for rent during this time because technicians can be present to run it.


Our campus opens up to outside groups during the months of June and July. While the campus department, faculty, and staff still operate, facilities on campus are much more available for group use.

As always, institutional events and reservations have first priority in our lineup, but our classrooms, athletic facilities, dorms, and cafeteria can all be reserved by groups during the summer. Our athletic facilities available include our gym, athletic field, pool, and fitness center. Guests can reserve our dormitories if they are staying two nights or more. We also open up our cafeteria to groups with 40 or more attendees for buffet style service, and also offer catering for groups with smaller numbers.

Because many of our personnel are away for the summer, we do not offer any A/V assistance or equipment during our summer schedule. A guest can arrange to meet one of our technicians to discuss presentations or sound, but we do not offer the regular services or equipment that is available during the school year. Groups must bring all of their own equipment if they intend to use A/V for their event.


On weekends our offices are closed, and due to this, our services to groups are limited year-round. In some cases, we can still provide A/V help during the school year, but this cannot be guaranteed. Facility set-up for weekend events is completed on Friday afternoons, and cannot be changed until Monday morning.

Due to the commitment of TMU to the local church, facilities of the University cannot host events or meetings planned during the normal, traditional service hours of churches in the area. We will not hold events on campus between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sundays. An exception to this policy is made for outside groups that rent TMU facilities for weekends during the summer who develop their own schedule for the weekend.

Conference Services Office

The Conference Services Team is accessible to groups during regular office hours year round. Our office is open 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday. During this time, it is our pleasure to assist you with your event reservations and planning, including facility tours and event meetings.

The Conference Services Department is closed on weekends year round, as well as for regular holidays. During these times, we do not guarantee our assistance with your event needs.

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