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When do I need to turn in my anticipated numbers?

Anticipated numbers for catering, media, room setup and a final agenda or program should be confirmed two weeks (14 days) prior to the function. A signed Summary of Bookings verifying event information will be due at this time.

If we have fewer numbers than anticipated, can we pay for actual numbers?

No. Groups are contractually obligated to pay per their guaranteed numbers.

Can we have whole families stay in the dorm rooms?

Families are permitted in the dorms. However, the dorm set-up is not designed for children.

Children 5 and older must be counted in the housing numbers and must sleep in their own bed. Children under the age of 5 are permitted to stay in the dorms with their parents on the condition that the parents provide a pack-&-play (or similar item) and place it against the back wall. Extra mattresses on the floor are not permitted due to fire codes and safety regulations.

How late can I make changes to my reservations?

A signed Summary of Bookings with the guaranteed number and final requests for services is required two weeks prior to the start of your event. Requests for changes made after this deadline must be submitted in writing and will incur additional fees. Each addition will incur a charge of $150 per change plus the cost of facilitating the change. No requests can be guaranteed within fourteen days of the scheduled event.

Do I have to have insurance for my event?

Yes. The Master’s University requires all events to secure event insurance as part of the reservation process. Any homeowner’s insurance agency should be able to provide this, or we have a one-time option available for insurance through TMU.


How do I make my payments?

You can pay online at www.masters.edu/conferenceservicespayment. Please be sure to include your event name and dates in your payment.

When should I make the final payment?

Full payment is due two weeks prior to the start of your event.

Do I make a separate check out to Bon Appetit, or is it included in my check to Master’s?

All billing and payments will be handled through, and all Catering must be coordinated with, TMU Conference Services. All deposits will be applied to the final balance of the master account.

Do you offer discounts to alumni and faculty and staff?

Yes. We provide a 20% off discount to all alumni, faculty, and staff.

Can my group get a discount since we are a ministry?

While TMU recognizes and appreciates other ministries, as a non-profit educational institution we do not offer additional discounts to churches or ministries.


What are the classrooms equipped with?

Each classroom is equipped with desks and chairs, as well as projector screens and VGA connection.

Can we bring our own equipment?

Yes. The Renter may bring their own equipment into the facility for their use at their own cost.

Can someone help us with running our A/V?

Yes. We can, at times, provide Audio/Visual support at an additional fee. However, if your event falls during our summer schedule (May-August), we may not have the capabilities to provide equipment or personnel for A/V support. Groups are welcome to bring their own equipment, and we would be happy to provide groups with a list of local vendors who may be able to accommodate your needs.

Can we do a hybrid of your equipment and our own?

No. You must either bring all of your own equipment, or use ours with the help of a TMU technician.

Can we have our team use your equipment, and not hire TMU personnel?

No. A TMU technician is required to operate TMU equipment unless Event Services has granted prior approval in writing.

Is there internet service available on campus?

Yes. Complimentary internet access is available for all groups on campus through our TMU Guest login.


Is there parking near the dorms?

Yes. However, if you are using bus transportation, we recommend that your buses drop your group off in the main parking lot in front of the Campus Safety Office, and then proceed to the side of Pete Reese Field to be parked. It will be a short walk uphill for your group up to the dorms from this lot. Campus Safety officers will be available to help direct your group and provide any assistance for your drivers.

Do I need a parking pass?

Yes. All vehicles parking on campus will need parking passes. These are provided through TMU Event Services.

Do you rent parking lots?


Where are the nearest airports?

Bob Hope Airport is approximately 19 miles from TMU.

LAX Airport is approximately 35 miles from TMU.

TMU does not provide shuttle services from the airports to the University.


Is printing available on campus?

Yes. During regular business hours TMU library offers printing services for a per page fee. Please see their page http://www.masters.edu/campuslinks/library/about/hours.aspx to determine their hours during your event.

Is it possible to schedule a tour of the campus before our event?

Yes. We recommend that groups come view our facilities before finalizing your event! Please contact Conference Services to schedule your tour.

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