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Residence Halls

Each dorm on campus offers two-person rooms. Our dorms have halls or wings with two community bathrooms on each floor. The rooms are designed to house two people per room; rooms can be reserved to host a single person for an additional charge. Extra rooms can also be reserved for an additional charge. Please note that families are welcome to stay in the rooms, but children older than four will need to have their own beds. Cribs, play-pens, etc. are welcome for children younger than four; however, keep in mind that space within the rooms is limited and the exit must not be obstructed.

Room Furnishings: Each dorm room on campus includes two desks, two chairs, two twin (extra-long) mattresses, two dressers, and two closets. Please note that all furniture in our Residence Halls is built into each room and is not removable. Air conditioning is provided in all rooms.

**Room Keys: **The Master’s University operates on an individual key system and keys will be distributed based on the discretion of the Conference Services Department. For the dorms, each individual room will receive a lounge and room key. All keys must be returned at the conclusion of your stay, and dorm and room keys must be returned together as a set. Lost or missing keys will be charged at a rate of $150/key.

Linens: Linens, pillows, bedding, and towels are not provided. Guests are required to bring sleeping bags, pillows, sheets, and bath/swim towels for their stay.

Restrooms: Each** **Residence Hall has two communal restrooms per floor. These contain both restrooms and showers with approximately 5-7 stalls per side. All guests must provide their own towels and toiletries.

Laundry Facilities: Each Residence Hall is equipped with coin operated laundry facilities. Guests are welcome to utilize these during their stay. Detergent is not provided.

Housekeeping Services: The Master’s University provides housekeeping services for all Residence Halls including cleaning of restrooms and common areas.

Resident Director Apartments: Each Residence Hall has a Resident Director who is a permanent resident. Their apartments, located inside the Residence Halls, are private homes and are unavailable to be used or accessed. Guests are not to disturb them. Any question or need for assistance must be directed to the Conference Services Team. Groups who disturb Resident Directors are subject to penalty or expulsion.

Refrigerator/Kitchen Facilities: The Master’s University does not provide refrigerators in the Residence Halls or have kitchen facilities available. However, groups are welcome to bring their own coolers or refrigerators. Occasionally we do have refrigerators left in sight inside our Residence Halls; please note that these are the private property of the permanent residents and students at The Master’s University and are not for use by groups.

Meeting Rooms and Facilities

The Master’s University has a variety of rooms and facilities available for events including meeting rooms, classrooms, gymnasium, athletic fields, residence halls, a swimming pool, and tennis courts. Most meeting spaces can be reserved in full or half-day rentals while our athletic facilities and some other spaces typically are reserved at an hourly rate. Room rental rates include limited furnishings provided in the rooms such as tables and chairs, but do not include access or use of Audio/Visual or media equipment. Classroom setup (desks and/or tables and chairs) will be maintained in the classrooms. This setup is not available to change, and should be kept in mind when requesting these rooms.


Conference Services will arrange to have your rooms set up as you request. This applies to EHC100, the Music Recital Hall, and the gym. However, set up is limited in classrooms, gym, and dorm lounges. Classrooms come equipped with desks and chairs that are not available to be moved; extra chairs and tables may not be feasible because of the size of the classrooms. The gym is capable of being set up in partial or full chapel set-up (stage, chairs, bleachers, sound, screens, etc.), which will incur additional charges. This may not be possible due to staff availability. Set up in dorm lounges is also limited due to size and lounge furniture already in place. Conference Services will contact the group if their set-up requests are not available in their reserved space. Some set-up requires additional charges that will be added to the group invoice.

Booking Changes

Conference Services will arrange to have your rooms set up at no additional fee. Final set up needs should be confirmed two weeks (14 days) prior to the function. A signed Summary of Bookings with guaranteed numbers and final requests for services is required two weeks prior to the start of the event. If the signed Summary of Bookings is not received within 14 days prior, the events office will assume the set up as noted on the SB. Requests for changes made after this deadline must be submitted in writing and will incur additional fees of $150 per change. No requests can be guaranteed within two weeks of the scheduled event.


Each classroom comes equipped with a projector, VGA connection, and Wi-Fi. Generally, classrooms do not require the use of an amplification system. Please note that groups will need to bring their own converter for VGA connection if they will be using a Mac computer.

If groups require assistance with projectors or have questions about classroom A/V amenities, technicians are available to meet with a group contact prior to the event during regular office hours (9:00am-5:00pm, Monday-Friday). Please contact the Conference Services Team to arrange a meeting time. Conference Services can, at times, offer services and equipment for an event during our semester schedule, but this may come at an additional cost. Groups do have the option to provide and run all of their own audio/visual equipment. TMU does not permit groups to mix their equipment with our own.

If a group is planning on using the gym as a conference space with full chapel set-up, chapel audio and/or video can at times be included for an extra charge. Please contact Conference Services if either chapel audio or video is necessary for your event.



Meals are available for groups in our campus cafeteria – The Mustang Grill. The cafeteria serves a wide variety of entrée options and includes homemade soups, multiple entrée options, a fresh produce bar, a pizza station, a sandwich station, and a dessert bar. We are happy to provide you with a sample menu during your stay. However, please note that due to our desire to meet the nutritional needs of large quantities of visitors using the cafeteria daily, we are not able to accommodate custom menus in the cafeteria.

Groups eating their meals in the cafeteria will need to provide their group name upon entry and will be charged based on the guaranteed number of attendees provided. Groups will guarantee their numbers in advance.

Our cafeteria has a wide selection of entrees available at every meal including options without gluten, dairy, eggs, shellfish, nuts, and sugar. We also offer vegetarian and vegan options at every meal. However, please note that our kitchen is not a secured environment and there is always a chance of cross-contamination of ingredients. If you have severe allergies we recommend that you make provisions to bring your own food during your stay on campus. Please let the Conference Services Team know of any restrictions or requests that you may have in regards to meals, and we will put you in touch with our catering staff for further discussion.

Should your group require a pre-set menu for your stay on campus, we do have a variety of catering options available. Please contact Conference Services for a complete menu of catering options and pricing. Due to state health code standards, all food and beverage items must remain in the meeting/banquet area unless prior approval to remove items has been granted by Conference Services.

Medical Staff

At The Master’s University, all of our security staff is trained in CPR and First Aid and a nurse is on campus to assist with mild medical complaints. However, as these individuals may not be readily available in the event of a medical emergency, it is highly recommended that each group secure the services of a doctor or registered nurse for the duration of the stay. All groups must oversee the medical needs of their attendees including, but not limited to, the distribution of prescription medications, oversight of food allergies, and the provision of a first aid kit.


The Master’s University utilizes 24-hour security on campus. Should any problem or concern arise after hours, please contact the security officer on duty at 661.362.2500.

In case of emergency, please call 911. We ask that you also contact Campus Security who will be able to aid in directing emergency personnel to your location.


Incoming mail can be picked up at the TMU Mail Center, located in the Student Center in the bookstore. Please visit http://www.masters.edu/campuslinks/mailcenter.aspx for mail center hours during your event.

Notify anyone sending mail to your group to put attention to the name of the individual and group. This will make it easier for our Mail Center personnel to locate your package. Please address packages as follows:

Group Name-Attn: Individual’s Name

The Master’s University

21726 Placerita Canyon Rd

Santa Clarita, CA 91321

Please designate a single representative from your group to pick up any received packages or mail daily during your stay on campus.

Copies & Faxes

If your group wishes to make copies or use a fax machine, our on-campus library offers these services for a per-page fee. Please visit http://www.masters.edu/campuslinks/library/about/hours.aspx for library hours during your event.

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