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Available Dates/Times

Campus-wide facilities are available for use from June 1st through the last weekend of July. Other meeting facilities (excluding dorms) are available during the active school year, but these are limited by the institutional calendar, and we will require sufficient notice to be able to reserve them.

Due to the commitment of TMU to the local church, facilities of the University cannot host events or meetings planned during the normal, traditional service hours of churches in the area. We will not hold events on campus between 8:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon, and 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on Sundays.

An exception to this policy is made for outside groups that rent TMU facilities for weekends during the summer who develop their own schedule for the weekend.


The Master’s University requires a group minimum of 40 attendees for housing and catering services. If your total number of attendees increases after you have submitted your guaranteed numbers, you will be charged a $150 (total) change fee in addition to the cost of each individual request. If your numbers are lower than you guaranteed we will charge according to the guaranteed number provided.

Event Process

Payment Deadlines

After you submit an Event Proposal Request, we will send you a proposal package including your event payment schedule. The initial deposit is due within 30 days of your confirmation of the event to hold the booking. This is a non-refundable deposit due in the amount of 25% of your total event cost.

The final payment is due at least two weeks before the event start date. This payment will be the total remaining balance of your charges for the event.

For any damages that occur during an event, repair fees will be added to your invoice; the balance must be paid within 30 days of the event’s conclusion.

Information Deadlines

In order to book a reservation, the following documents are required within 30 days of receipt of the proposal package:

· Facilities Use Contract: a multi-page explanation of TMU’s expectations for groups as well as the services we provide. Each page must be read and initialed, and your signature is required at the end to reserve any space on campus.

· Insurance Policy: a group liability policy with a statement naming TMU as additionally insured for the dates of your event.

At least two weeks away from the starting date of your event, the following will be due:

· Summary of Bookings: a document that functions as a detailed timeline of your reservations that needs to be verified, signed, and submitted to our department

· Group and Individual Waivers: liability waivers required if the group is using the athletic field, pool, or fitness center that must be signed by each guest in the group, as well as the group organization

Reservation Deadlines

Anticipated numbers for catering, media, room set up and a final agenda or program should be given at proposal and updated one month away from the event. Guaranteed event numbers must be confirmed two weeks (14 days) prior to the function.

We do enforce a policy that restricts any event changes within two weeks of your event. This means that we need your final attendance numbers and set-up arrangements *before *your two-week deadline. We recommend closing your event registration to attendees two weeks out to help ensure your final numbers for planning purposes.

If your group requires any changes to be made to your reservation after the two-week deadline has passed, each change will incur a charge of $150, in addition to the cost of each modification (for example, the normal charge for added rooms or equipment).

Arrival and Departure

Arrival Time

Please plan to arrive during normal business hours (Mon.-Fri. 8:00am-5:00pm). Should your group be arriving on the weekend, let the Conference Services Department know so that arrangements can be made.

Check-in & Check-out

When you arrive at TMU for check-in, please plan to arrive at the time specified on your Summary of Bookings. A member of the Conference Services Team will greet you, and will conduct a walk-through of your reserved facilities to explain last minute policies for your time on campus.

Upon your departure, please stop by Campus Security to turn in keys and forms as necessary. Your group’s departure time is noted on your Summary of Bookings.

During Your Stay


All vehicles parking on campus will need parking passes. This includes buses used for transportation as well as any individual cars within the group. You will receive parking passes from the Conference Services Department.

Parking is limited on campus, but groups may park in the lots outlined by the parking map. If your group is arriving by bus, we recommend that your buses drop your group off in the main parking lot in front of the Campus Safety Office, and then proceed to the side of Pete Reese Field to be parked. It will be a short walk uphill for your group to the dorms from this lot. Unfortunately, this hill is often too steep for the buses to navigate safely, but Campus Safety officers will be available to help direct your group and provide any assistance for your drivers.


Housing Specifics

Men and women’s sleeping rooms and quarters must be kept separate by wings or floors. If a group has married couples or families that would like to stay in the same room, the group should notify the Conference Services Department no later than two weeks prior to the event so that arrangements can be made to accommodate this.

Quiet Hours

Please be aware that our campus is in close proximity to private neighborhoods, so we ask that your group observe quite hours from 10:00pm-6:00am every night.

Lost and Found

If you are missing something, please contact Conference Services. Please make sure you have all of your belongings prior to leaving. In the event that any member of your group leaves something on our campus, and a TMU staff member finds it, they will turn it in to the Security Office. TMU is not responsible for lost items.

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