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INB488 International Business Experience (3)

The student will visit a for-profit and/or a not-for-profit enterprise outside the United States with the goals of observing,

contributing to, and evaluating the organization(s).

Prerequisite INB311.


MGT299, 399, 499 Directed Studies in Management (1-3)

Opportunities for the student to pursue individual studies of interest in management at a high level of sophistication.

Independent study and research will be encouraged

. Prerequisite: permission of the department chairperson.

MGT310 Management Theory (3)

An examination of the fundamentals of managerial functions and the basic concepts and principles of modern

management. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationships of planning, organizing, controlling, decision making, and

accepted practices used in directing the activities of an organization in the achievement of desired objectives.

MGT321 Decision Science Fundamentals (3)

An overview of the scientific methods available to the managerial decision maker. Topics include linear programming,

the transportation problem, queuing, simulation, project management, forecasting, facility location and layout, inventory

control, quality assurance, and job design.

Prerequisite: BUS310.

MGT330 Business Communications (3)

Presents comprehensive coverage of the major concepts and principles of the human communication process and

analysis of the various forms of communication used by managers. The media of managerial communication include

verbal delivery, as well as written letters, reports, memoranda, etc.

MGT351 Human Resource Management (3)

A study of the human factors in business, including the total employee-employer relationship: job analysis, selection,

training, transfer, promotion, dismissal of employees, and industrial relations.

MGT439 Ministry Administration Practicum (1)

Through the process of observing and interviewing ministry administrators, the student seeks to discover the job

descriptions, routines, attitudes, difficulties, and rewards inherent in Christian ministry administration.


MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals (3)

An introduction to marketing management in relation to the total business environment. Involves a study from the

conception of the idea for goods or services to its ultimate utilization by the consumer with emphasis on major decision

areas and tools.

MKT361 Marketing Strategy (3)

This course provides students the opportunity to leverage the marketing, managerial, and analytical tools that he or she

has acquired in making strategic marketing decisions. The course will emphasize contemporary marketing best practices

and provide students the opportunity to generate marketing products.

Prerequisite: MKT350.

MKT381 Consumer Behavior (3)

This course uses a multidisciplinary approach to understand, explain, and predict consumer behavior with the intent of

leveraging this knowledge to make informed marketing decisions. The course will also include an examination of

behavior-based marketing decisions from an ethical perspective.

MKT462 Sales and Customer Service (3)

This course identifies and develops key sales and customer service skills by discovering customer wants and needs

through effective relationship building, clear communication (emphasizing listening), product knowledge, presentation