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FIN308 Personal Financial Management (3)

A survey of financial management for individuals and households including setting financial goals, developing a budget,

preparing personal taxes, utilizing banking services, using consumer credit, buying or renting a home, purchasing an

automobile or major appliance, purchasing various types of insurance, choosing investment options and strategies, and

planning for retirement.

FIN321 Real Estate Principles (3)

An introductory course designed to cover real estate fundamentals with practical applications useful in residential and

commercial real estate transactions. Topics include investment decision making, valuations, investment performance,

financing, real estate management, legal and regulatory considerations, market research, and licensing requirements for

brokers and agents. The course prepares the student for the California real estate license examination.

FIN332 Financial Services Management (3)

An introduction to the functions and operations of modern United States financial institutions. The course covers a

study of banking laws and regulations with special attention given to the impact of technology within the industry.

Additionally, the evolution and subsequent historical, social, and political impact of the Federal Reserve is examined.

FIN338 Introduction to Risk Management (3)

An introduction to basic insurance concepts. Topics include terminology, risk exposure, private consumer coverage,

property and liability insurance, health insurance, life insurance, annuities, commercial coverage, and government issues.

FIN341 Investments (3)

A survey of investments including stocks, bonds, government securities, and financial intermediaries. Emphasis is placed

on security analysis, valuation, and portfolio management. Topics include personal financial strategies and investment


Prerequisite: ECN200.

FIN388 Studies in Finance (3)

A survey of a selected topic(s) in financial management made available by an adjunct or full-time professor.

FIN440 Finance (3)

Valuation methods available to the manager for the determination of the optimal financial structure of the firm.

Emphasis is on financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, capital budgeting, investment, and financing decisions.

Prerequisite: ACC220.


INB311 Global Business Strategies (3)

This course biblically examines global business ethics, values, and strategies that shape and guide the believer, the church,

and the company in the global business enterprise.

INB361 International Economics and Trade (3)

The course includes a comprehensive study of international trade theory, international trade policy, the balance of

payments, foreign exchange markets, exchange rates, open-economy macroeconomics, and the international monetary


Prerequisite: ECN200.

INB372 International Business Marketing (3)

The course includes a comprehensive study of international marketing conditions and constant changes. Topics include

foreign market research; trade promotion; political, legal, economic, and cultural environments; product and service

adaptability; and multinational competition.

Prerequisite: MKT350.