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Department of Biblical Counseling

Dr. John D. Street, Chairperson


The Master’s University offers Master of Arts graduate programs in Biblical Counseling and Biblical Studies (now


Graduation Requirements


A student must complete his or her M.A. with a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA and no letter grade less than a C.


For credit hour requirements, refer to the program information on the pages that follow.

Graduate Academic Probation Policy

Any graduate student whose cumulative grade point average (GPA) falls below 3.0 or who receives a letter grade of C

or lower in any class will be placed on academic probation for one semester. They must earn a B- or better in all their

classes and a minimum GPA of 3.0 during their next semester of study to be removed from academic probation.

Any graduate student whose cumulative GPA remains below 3.0 or who receives any grades lower than a B- in classes

for two consecutive semesters will be subject to academic disqualification and dismissal from the University. A student

subject to disqualification may appeal by submitting a letter to the Senior Vice President and Provost, stating why he/she

should not be disqualified. The student’s request will then be reviewed by the Senior Vice President and Provost for a

final decision.

Academic Dishonesty

It is the responsibility of the faculty member to pursue suspected incidents of academic dishonesty occurring within

his/her courses. If a student is found to be guilty of cheating, plagiarism, or another form of academic dishonesty, the

faculty member is required to document the incident in writing and submit the report to the Senior Vice President and

Provost. The first documented incident of academic dishonesty will result in the student failing the assignment or the

course at the instructor’s discretion, depending on the severity of the incident. Any subsequent documented offense of

academic dishonesty by that student (regardless of whether it occurs in the same or any other course taken by the student

at the University) will result in automatic failure of the course and expulsion of the student from the University for a

minimum of one academic year.

Appeals of Academic Dismissal

A student subject to academic dismissal because of a low cumulative GPA or because of academic dishonesty may

appeal by submitting a letter to the Senior Vice President and Provost within two weeks of being notified of dismissal,

along with an explanation of why the student believes the dismissal was unfair. The student’s request will be reviewed

by the Senior Vice President and Provost with input from the student’s advisor, faculty who have had the student in

recent classes, and the academic counselor. The Senior Vice President and Provost will make a decision on the appeal,

which will be communicated in writing to the student.


The Master of Arts in Biblical Counseling (MABC) is a graduate program intended to equip men and women for

practical excellence in counseling biblically and training counselors for counseling within local church ministries. The

content of the courses emphasizes the practical skills of counseling without neglecting the solid biblical foundation on

which these skills are built. The classes, homework, and assigned reading can be practically implemented in each

student’s life and ministry immediately. Each course the student takes will enhance his walk with God and his ministry.

The MABC degree is designed to help people study, use, and know Scripture more effectively in their own lives and in

their counseling ministries with others. Our goal is to produce men and women who understand God’s Word as it

applies to the exercise of the spiritual gift of counseling under the oversight of a local church.