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of the Jewish people in the late-nineteenth to mid-twentieth centuries, the 1948 war for independence, and the

subsequent Arab-Israel conflicts.

IBEX333 Biblical Archaeology (3)

This course introduces students to the methodological principles, procedures, discoveries, and research resources for

understanding the archaeology and material culture of Bible lands. Attention will be given to how the findings of

archaeology can clarify and illustrate the meaning and historical background of biblical texts. Students will have

opportunities to visit excavation sites for hands-on fieldwork.

IBEX337 Geographical Area Studies (3)

A field-based seminar on selected sites of historical, geographical, cultural, and archaeological interest in the

Mediterranean region and the Middle East proper.

IBEX340 History & Society of Modern Israel (3)

This course is a lecture and field-based study of the history and society of the modern State of Israel. The class examines

historical events leading up to the formation of modern Israel in 1948, and subsequent significant history to the present

time. The class includes hands-on study of the diverse ethnic, political, and religious expression in Israel and the disputed

territories (Judea/Samaria/West Bank).

Corequisite: IBEX300.

IBEX347 The Holocaust (3)

A historical, philosophical, and thematic examination of the Jewish Holocaust from anti-Semitic developments in the



century to implications for the Jewish people today.

IBEX367 History of Ancient Israel (3)

A careful study of the history of the people and nation of Israel, from Abraham through the restoration period. Special

attention is given to the period of the monarchy.

IBEX367 fulfills the B364 History of Ancient Israel requirement for the Biblical

Studies: Bible Exposition emphasis or the B102 Old Testament Survey II general education requirement.

IBEX370 Physical Geography of Israel (3)

An examination of the physical geography of the land of Israel with attention to regional structure, geology, and

topography with a view to the development of communication lines and settlement. (Academic Short-Term Program


IBEX377 The Life of Christ (3)

An examination of the life of Christ with attention to the historical, cultural, and geographical factors that influenced

Christ’s earthly ministry.

IBEX377 fulfills the B346 Life of Christ requirement for the Biblical Studies: Bible Exposition emphasis or

the B201 New Testament Survey I general education requirement.

IBEX447 Dead Sea Scrolls (3)

An introductory survey of the literature and history of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

IBEX457 Jerusalem Studies (3)

A seminar covering historical, archaeological, and cultural aspects of the city of Jerusalem, both ancient and modern.

Reading in primary sources related to the city, site visits, classroom lecture, and student presentations are required.

IBEX467 Israel in the Second Temple Period (3)

A seminar covering historical, archaeological, and literary aspects of the Second Temple Period (Herodian-New

Testament-Roman). Readings in primary sources, site visits, classroom lecture, and student presentations are required.