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BTH499 God in Philosophy & Theology (3)

A study of the nature of God and the coherence of the divine attributes; God’s relation to logic, language, time,

causality, and evil; and belief as it relates to science, natural theology, evidence, and mysticism.


BYM331 Survey of Student Ministries (3)

This course is designed to give the student a general survey of student ministries in America. It will include an overview

of how student ministries function in a local church, as well as covering social and cultural perspectives.

BYM333 Leadership and Administration (3)

This course is designed to help the student learn the facets of what makes for effective leadership in student ministries

and methods of administrating a student ministry program.


ESL311 Introduction to TESOL (3)

This course is designed to introduce students to the foundations of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

(TESOL) in the United States and abroad. Language learning theory, teaching history and methodology, lesson planning,

and curriculum evaluation will be explored. Classroom observation and participation with ESL students and teachers

will be included.

ESL322 Methodology (3)

This practical course will give attention to the skills of teaching, speaking, listening, reading, and writing to novice,

intermediate, and advanced students. It will include theoretical foundations, activity design and delivery, practice

teaching in the learning classroom, ESL classroom observation, and participation with ESL students.



ESL351 Language Acquisition (3)

This course will explore the practical and theoretical structures of language. Attention will be given to the first and

second language acquisition as they apply to English language teachers.

ESL492 Practicum (3)

Students will be guided to locate a teaching setting, assess needs, and design materials as needed for the setting. The

student will then complete 70-80 hours of ESL classroom teaching within 6-7 weeks with an

acceptable degree of success. All ESL required classes must be completed prior to the teaching experience.

Israel Bible EXtension (IBEX)

The Israel Bible EXtension program, called “IBEX,” is The Master’s University extension program in Israel. The IBEX

program provides a unique laboratory experience, allowing students to study the Bible in the Land of the Bible. This

semester abroad program consists of a full academic semester and is crafted to meet select general education

requirements. In addition to the semester abroad, other short-term programs are available (see Cooperative Programs

for details). As space is limited, students should apply for the IBEX semester early in their university program, maintain

a university GPA of 2.9 or higher, complete Old Testament Survey I (B100) or a university-level equivalent, and

determine if they meet medical and physical requirements. Students should consult with their academic advisor regarding

feasibility and compatibility of the IBEX program with their selected major.


Our extension campus is in the Jerusalem vicinity. Facilities include a dormitory, cafeteria, library, and lecture hall.

Wireless access is available at the IBEX campus.