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BCH486 U.S. Church History (3)

A historical survey of U.S. church history, especially American Protestantism, from deep colonial Puritan roots through

the first & second Great Awakenings to the shattering of basic biblical unity in the modernist/fundamentalist

controversy and the rebuilding of modern evangelicalism in contemporary times.

Same as H486.

BCH498 Church History Area Study (2)

A concentrated study in church history, which may include a period of time or a specialized topic.


BMS301 Introduction to Missions (3)

A general introduction to the principles and practices in Christian missions, surveying the biblical basis of missions, the

missionary call, the missionary life and work, mission boards, and the mission program of the church.

BMS302 Field Internship (3)

The student will work together with the professor to arrange for an internship in an international setting for working

among the student’s target population. The managing host will mentor and evaluate the student as the student interacts

in cross-cultural settings including but not limited to home management, education, hospitality, business and

government interactions, and community relationships. Emphasis will be placed on the student’s cross-cultural, spiritual,

and vocational growth, as well as his or her strengths and weaknesses.

BMS303 History & Theory of Missions (3)

A study of the background, origin, and expansion of the Christian church, with attention to the people and dynamics

that have contributed to its growth.

BMS304 Biblical Method of Missions (3)

A study concentrating on the Pauline missionary method in Acts and the Epistles, the indigenous principle, and some

evaluation of contemporary missionary strategies.

BMS311 Preparation for Urban Missions (3)

This course is designed to acquaint students with the dynamics of inner city ministry by developing a biblical theology

of church ministry, investigating how principles of missions are implemented in urban churches within the greater Los

Angeles area, and evaluating the effectiveness of urban ministries that emphasize an Incarnational model of ministry.

Students will be required to complete a semester-long, field-based internship to receive credit for this course. (Fee: $50)

BMS312 Global Outreach (3)

A practical training course focusing on the preparation of those students participating in the summer missions program.

Topics include cross-cultural ministry, dealing with culture shock, evangelism, travel requirements, and a specific country

study (economics, history, traditions, politics, and ministries). This course may only be taken one time.

BMS322 Field Language Study (3)

The student will participate in both formal and informal learning of a modern language during the field internship. The

student will accomplish a minimum of 40 formal hours of instruction during the internship.

BMS336 Cross-Cultural Church Planting (3)

Consideration of the biblical mandates given for establishing God’s church among the


will provide the framework

for this course. Particular topics investigated will include recognizing the unique characteristics of a


consideration of unexpected opportunities and obstacles to establishing a nationally led church, the process of

evangelism, discipleship, and raising up of national leadership.

BMS341 Cultural Anthropology (3)

This course is an introduction to cultural anthropology to assist students in developing the skills to personally acquire

an accurate understanding of various cultures through exposure to field methods of studying, describing, analyzing, and