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BL401, 402 Intermediate Greek I, II (3, 3)

The accidence and syntax of Koine Greek, together with readings in the Greek New Testament and an introduction to

the methods of exegesis.

Available as a D.S. Prerequisites: BL301 and 302.

BL422 Greek Exegesis (3)

A thorough analytical study of a New Testament book in the Greek text.

Prerequisites: BL401 and 402.

BL461 Advanced Greek Grammar (3)

An intensive study of the syntax and literary features of the Greek New Testament.

Prerequisites: BL401 and 402.

BL498 Language Area Study (3)

A concentrated area of study in language exegesis, which may include a topic, a book, or a specialized area.


BCE304 Teaching Methodology (3)

A seminar on the teaching-learning process with attention given to current research, the dynamics of classroom

instruction, curriculum development, and the application of instructional methodology and technology.

BCE313 Introduction to Christian Education (3)

A survey of the educational program of the local church with attention given to the philosophy, principles, and practice

of Christian education for all age levels.


BCH347 Intertestamental Period (3)

A survey of the historical movements and events in Judea from 400 BC to AD 70 that serve as the background for the

New Testament. The literature (apocryphal books, Dead Sea Scrolls), institutions (synagogue, Sanhedrin, temple), and

religious sects (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, etc.) will be closely examined. Finally, the Hellenistic, Roman, and Jewish

political rulers will be surveyed to understand better the context in which the early Christian events took place.

Same as


BCH365 History of the Church (3)

A survey of personalities and issues in church history from the first century to the present. The course includes

discussions of the church fathers, major councils, the Reformation, and key church leaders over the last 2,000 years.

Same as H365.

BCH404 Studies in John Calvin (3)

This is a study of the life and work of the great magisterial Reformer. The approach will be that of an “intellectual

history” course, featuring biographical, literary, theological, and philosophic content concerning the man and his times.

Specific attention is paid to Calvin’s status as a master 16


century literary Humanist who guided the systematic

intellectual development of Reformation thought.

BCH408 Puritanism (3)

This course provides an undergraduate survey of the Puritan movement from its origins in England through the

establishment of the American colonies in New England. Attention is given to the historical, theological, cultural, and

educational contributions of the Puritans.

BCH464 The Reformation Era, 1500-1648 (3)

A study of the historical/theological development of the Reformation and post-Reformation period through Calvin.

Other areas of the Reformation not covered in class lectures are pursued through research papers and class discussion.

Same as H464.