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B388 Peter & Jude (3)

A study of the messages of these three books, with special attention given to the topics of suffering and apostasy.

B397 Pastoral Epistles (3)

An intensive study of 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus, with attention given to critical problems in addition to doctrinal and

spiritual content.

B398 Job (3)

An intensive study of this book, with special attention given to the issue of God’s sovereignty and man’s suffering.

B399 2 Samuel (3)

An expositional study of the book of 2 Samuel, with particular attention to its internal theological development and its

canonical development of Messianic theology.

B400 Senior Integrative Seminar (3)

A senior integrative seminar covering such topics as the credentialing process, seminary and graduate school, transitional

issues, career placement, and the senior competency examination.

Prerequisite: Senior status.

B407 Isaiah (3)

A study of the message of this book, with special attention given to its historical and eschatological significance.

B408 Jeremiah (3)

A study of the message of this book, with special attention given to its historical and eschatological significance.

B417 Hebrews (3)

An introduction to the epistle, with special attention given to a study of its sequence of thought and exhortation, as it

exalts the preeminence of Christ over all—angels, Moses, and Aaron.

B418 Galatians (3)

An analysis and exposition of Galatians, with special attention given to questions concerning justification and

sanctification by faith according to the principle of grace, as well as other theological, chronological, and interpretive

difficulties of this book. Relevant practical issues are also evaluated.

B437 Advanced Hermeneutics (3)

This course assumes that the student already understands and can apply the basic principles of hermeneutics in their

study of the written Word of God. The course will cover the history of hermeneutics in the Church, philosophical and

literary issues relating to hermeneutics, and the use of the Old Testament in the New Testament.

Prerequisite: B340.

B447 Old Testament Minor Prophets (3)

A study of the backgrounds and messages of these 12 prophets, with particular emphasis on the eschatological

significance of their messages.

B467 1 & 2 Thessalonians (3)

A study of 1 and 2 Thessalonians, with special emphasis on the eschatological sections of the books.

B488 Old Testament Area Study (2)

A concentrated area of study in the Old Testament, which may include a topic, a book, or a specialized area.

B490 Senior Comprehensive Exam (0)

This is a Comprehensive Exam that requires the student to demonstrate minimum competencies in areas of New

Testament, Old Testament, Systematic and Practical Theology, and their emphasis. The student must pass the exam