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Department of Biblical Studies

Dr. Thomas A. Halstead, Chairperson

The Master’s University has developed one of the strongest Biblical Studies programs anywhere in the United States.

The Department of Biblical Studies stresses the understanding, interpretation, and application of biblical literature. The

biblical material is studied in light of its original historical environment so that an authentically biblical understanding

can be applied to the theological and cultural issues of the modern age. The department attempts to assist all students

in developing a biblical worldview in which the principles and norms derived from the Word of God are applied to the

whole of life. Spiritual values are emphasized so that practical spiritual growth is experienced along with academic


There are several baccalaureate emphases offered. Each of these emphases is designed to prepare students for future

ministry as teachers, missionaries, and church leaders, as well as for graduate and professional study.


The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement

Within the Bible General emphasis is The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement, which comprises 30 units of Bible

as follows:

B101, 102

Old Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

B201, 202

New Testament Survey I, II (3, 3)

BTH321, 322 Christian Theology I, II (3, 3)

Bible Electives (12)

Total units required .............................................................................30

It is designed to help those students who would like to front-load their general education Bible courses. It can also be

used for those students who would just like to take a year of Bible, perhaps after already earning a bachelor’s degree, or

to meet a requirement for the mission field, or just because they desire a year of intense Bible training. In order to

receive The Master’s Institute Award of Achievement, students need to inform both the registrar and the chairperson

of the Biblical Studies Department of their plans to enroll. Students must begin the program their first semester at the

University, and they will have three semesters in which to complete the 30 units.

TESOL Award of Achievement

The purpose of the TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Achievement Award is to provide

students with the theory, skills, and experience needed to competently instruct adult students in the skills of the English

language. It is designed for students who wish to participate in cross-cultural ministry in the United States or abroad

using the recognized profession of teaching English. The required courses are listed below:


Introduction to TESOL (3)


Methodology (3)


Language Acquisition (3)


Practicum (3)

Total units required for certificate.........................................................12


Each major and/or emphasis is overseen by one or more of the Bible faculty, as listed in parentheses below:

Bible General

(Abner Chou, Todd Bolen)

The Bible General emphasis is specifically designed for those students who want to major in Biblical Studies but are not

certain about a specific emphasis, or would like to take several courses in a number of emphases in order to be more

well-rounded generally. While not specifically designed for graduate school, taking certain courses within this emphasis

will certainly be helpful in graduate school or seminary.