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The Master’s Seminary offers six degree programs:

Master of Divinity (M.Div.)

Bachelor of Theology (Th.B.)

Diploma of Theology



Master of Theology (Th.M.)

Doctor of Theology (Th.D.)

Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)

The Master’s Seminary is located on the campus of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, California. Prospective

applicants may request further information by calling The Master’s Seminary Office of Admissions at 1-800-CALL-

TMS (1-800-225-5867). Website:


The Master’s University cooperative study programs provide students with numerous opportunities for off-campus

learning experiences locally, nationally, and internationally.

In addition to TMU’s own Israel Bible Extension (IBEX) and Italy Program, students benefit from the University’s

participation in the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities’ American Studies Program, which provide for off-

campus learning opportunities. For information on CCCU-sponsored programs, write or call:

Council for Christian Colleges and Universities

321 Eighth Street N.E.

Washington, D.C. 20002

202-546-8713 • 202-546-8913 fax



Israel Bible EXtension (IBEX)

This 15-week semester abroad program is a high-quality educational opportunity in Israel for students who wish to

enhance their knowledge of the Bible’s historical, archaeological, and geographic background. Classroom lectures are

integrated with extensive field trips. Together, these expose the student to every corner of the land and to every period

of the history of the people of that land. The student’s educational experience, as well as his/her personal maturation,

will be significantly enhanced by the cross-cultural experience that the semester provides. Students must apply for this

program and be in reasonable physical condition and free of medical limitations. For information on IBEX, see the

IBEX pages within the Biblical Studies section of this catalog and/or contact the IBEX Office at 1-800-568-6248. This

program is sponsored by The Master’s University & Seminary.

Prerequisite: B101 Old Testament Survey I.

The Master's University in Italy

Led by Dr. Grant Horner and Prof. Esther Chua, TMU in Italy is a new study abroad program based in incomparably

beautiful Italy. Students, upon acceptance to the program, will spend six weeks in Italy in July through mid-August to

earn 12 undergraduate credits in a variety of courses while deeply immersed in Italian culture. The entire program is

based on exploring the question “quid est homo?” (“what is Man?”) asked by the Italian Renaissance Christian Humanist

scholars, and the related biblical question “what is man that Thou art mindful of him?” (Psalm 8). The typical student

will take two survey-level courses as well as two upper division Oxford-style tutorials. This program is open to all majors.

For additional information, visit the website: .


ITA102 Introduction to Italian Culture.

American Studies Program (ASP)

Founded in 1976, the American Studies Program has served hundreds of students as a “Washington, D.C. campus.”

ASP uses Washington as a stimulating educational laboratory where collegians gain hands-on experience with an

internship in their chosen field. Participants explore pressing national and international issues in public policy seminars