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The Master’s University has been designated as a national testing facility for the CLEP examination. If CLEP

examinations have already been taken, contact the Office of the Registrar for information regarding acceptance of CLEP

scores. For testing information, contact the Academic Resource Center.


The University sets aside a period at the beginning of the Fall semester for reception, registration, and orientation.

During these days, the new students become acquainted with programs and facilities provided for their instruction.


All students will be notified regarding the Fall orientation and check-in information. A schedule of classes is

published and is available before registration.


All continuing students are required to have an interview with their academic advisor at least once per

semester prior to registration. A student may contact the Office of the Registrar or refer to the bottom of

their student schedule on Self-Service for the name of their advisor.


An evaluation of credits is made of all transfer college work, and new transfer students, in addition to their

advisor, will receive a copy of this evaluation.


Late check-in continues one week following the priority check-in day.


Check-in is completed only after financial arrangements have been made with the Director of Student


Credit Limits for Non-Traditional TMU Coursework

The maximum number of semester units of non-traditional courses that a student may take at TMU is:

13 units of TMU Directed Studies courses

24 units of intensive format TMU courses (i.e., Post-session or Winterim)


A Directed Studies (DS) course is a course that does not meet as a regularly scheduled class. A DS course may be

appropriate to resolve a scheduling conflict, to complete a course not offered in a given academic term, or to study an

academic topic or subject matter not offered at TMU.

New DS courses must comply with all TMU procedures and deadlines that apply to non-DS courses, unless stated

otherwise herein:


A maximum of 13 units of TMU DS coursework may be taken during a student’s undergraduate program.


A student may enroll in no more than two DS courses in any one academic term.


A Directed Studies Course Contract is used to enroll in a DS course.

Earliest enrollment date: A completed Contract may be submitted to the Registrar’s Office as soon as

the registration period opens for a given academic term.

Latest enrollment date: A completed Contract must be submitted no later than the end of the add/drop

period for the academic term in which the DS course is to be added.


: A student cannot add a DS course to an academic term past the add/drop period for that term.


If a student does not complete the DS work on time, the Registrar’s Office will assign a grade of “F” to the

student for the DS course.


A DS course taken in either the Fall or Spring term must be completed by the end of that academic term.


A DS course taken in either the Winter or Summer term must be completed by the Friday before the

start of the subsequent academic term.


The final grade for a DS course can be posted no sooner than one week per semester unit into the academic

term. The final grade is due no later than five working days following the completion of the DS course.


A student may withdraw from a DS course (and receive a “W” grade) through the 13


week of the Fall or

Spring semester.


For tuition purposes, there is no distinction between units from DS and non-DS courses. Tuition refunds for

dropping a DS course will be calculated and processed in accordance with normal Student Accounts