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Academic Information

This section describes the academic policies and requirements that apply to students of The Master’s University.

Although faculty and staff provide assistance to students, the responsibility for understanding and complying with the

provisions in this section belongs to each student. TMU reserves the right to make changes to its academic policies and

requirements. Whenever possible, such changes will be announced in advance so as to avoid conflicts,

misunderstandings, and inconvenience.


The general education (G.E.) courses taken by all students are designed to be the foundation for a liberal arts education.

A liberal arts education aims to expose students to a wide variety of values, ideas, and assumptions that will help them

better appreciate the responsibilities and benefits of a free society. It is also designed to give them a common core of

knowledge that will aid their understanding of society and culture.

The University has developed a G.E. program designed to form the minimum core of each student’s liberal arts

education. Each student under the new G.E. requirements must complete a minimum of 61 semester units of G.E.

requirements for the B.A. and B.S. degrees, or 49 semester units of G.E. requirements for the B.M. degree. See page 41

for a complete listing of G.E. requirements.

One course can be used to satisfy only one G.E. requirement. In the event one course ostensibly satisfies more than

one G.E. requirement, the student must declare which G.E. requirement that course is intended to satisfy. (Note that

one course may be used to satisfy a G.E. requirement and a major requirement.)

Old vs. New G.E. Requirements

In Fall 2015, TMU introduced a new set of G.E. requirements, which is described in this catalog. These G.E.

requirements apply to all new and returning undergraduate students except:

Any student who enrolled at TMU as a full-time traditional student prior to Fall 2015. These students must

satisfy the G.E. requirements published in the catalog for their first semester of full-time enrollment.

G.E. Transfer Information

Most G.E. requirements may be satisfied through transfer courses accepted by the Office of the Registrar. However,

departments or majors and emphases may have specific substitution and/or waiver requirements. Students who seek to

satisfy one or more G.E. requirements with transfer credit should refer to the “G.E. Substitutions and Waivers” listing

on page 42 and the appropriate departmental section in this catalog.

Even if coursework completed at another institution is not accepted to fulfill a G.E. requirement, a student may

nonetheless be awarded transfer units in accordance with Registrar’s Office transfer policy.

Biblical Studies

– All students, regardless of transfer status or major, must complete all 21 units of G.E. Biblical Studies

courses prior to graduation. However, some Bible coursework completed at other institutions may be accepted by the

Registrar’s Office to satisfy TMU’s G.E. requirements. Please contact the Registrar’s Office for more information.


– LS150 Essentials of Biology and GS150 Essentials of Geology (3 units each) are unique and nontransferable;

one or the other must be taken at TMU. LS150L Essentials of Biology Lab (1 unit) is transferable. Incoming Biology

and Kinesiology/Pre-Physical Therapy majors should consult their respective academic departments about possible

transfer credit for major-specific science requirements.