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Student Account Policies

Through the financial assistance of faithful Christian friends and churches, The Master’s University strives to offer

students a Christ-centered education within the financial reach of all. The cost of education is considerably in excess of

what a student pays. However, the University is able to keep students’ costs at a minimum as Christian friends support

us through their generous gifts and prayers. With the establishment of scholarships and direct gifts, hundreds of students

have been prepared for specific fields of work and service.


Tuition, fees, and room and board expenses for traditional programs are due July 10 for the Fall semester and December

10 for the Spring semester. A late fee for payments not received by the due date may be charged to overdue accounts.

Winterim charges may be rolled into the Spring semester billing; Post Session charges are due before the start of class.

For the regular semesters, the following option is available:

5-Month Plan.

The estimated semester cost of tuition, room, and board will be divided into five (5) monthly payments.

Payments begin July 10 prior to the Fall semester and December 10 prior to the Spring semester. A Payment Plan Fee

will be assessed to the student account if the payment plan is used.


Please note that we invoice or bill third parties when requested and as a courtesy to the student. Third parties include

donors, benefactors, employee tuition programs, workman’s compensation carriers, voc/rehab programs, military T/A,

and other military tuition programs. The invoicing or billing to a third party does not change the due date indicated on

your statements and our standard student account policies will still apply. Late fees will accrue on the account if not

paid by the due date shown on your statement.


All registered traditional undergraduate, credential, and seminary students are required to have adequate medical

insurance coverage. Students will be

automatically enrolled

in the TMUS sponsored Student Health Insurance



they submit an online insurance waiver. Waivers will be approved if coverage meets certain minimum criteria

(such as provision for doctor visits, emergency visits, prescriptions, locality of coverage, etc.). Students must submit a

waiver once per academic year; health insurance premiums will be charged annually to all student accounts that do not

have an approved waiver.


Refunds are based upon the week that the official withdrawal form, signed by the registrar and the appropriate dean, is

presented to the Student Accounts Office, and not on the time a student ceases to attend classes. A student withdrawing

from school with neither consultation nor consent of an appropriate administrator shall not be entitled to any refund.

The percentage of tuition refunded is based on actual tuition cost charged to the student’s account.