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INB511 International Business (3)

A study of the current state of international business, which will include an advanced analysis of the economic and

cultural environments present in today’s global marketplace.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

MGT510 Organizational Behavior (3)

A study of current organizational design and management theory and practices. Students will apply these concepts to

complex real-life organizational scenarios.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

MGT550 Operations Management (3)

Students learn operational and decision-making methods to quantitatively optimize business processes.


BUS510 and BUS530.

MGT590 Leadership (3)

The course is a study of the knowledge, skills, and exceptional traits possessed by successful leaders. This course includes

a capstone experience in which the students apply what they have learned to the study of business cases and simulations

of business situations. (

This course must be taken as the last course in the online MBA program.)

MIS510 Information Technology Management (3)

A critical overview of the design, application, and assessment of information systems. Students also learn effective

practices for the management of information technology specialists.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

MKT561 Marketing Strategy (3)

An introduction to foundational marketing concepts followed by a study of advanced and cutting-edge techniques.

Prerequisite: BUS510.


ED505 History & Philosophy of Education (3)

This course provides a critical examination of major philosophies of education. Students will also examine the

philosophy’s relationship to historical and current school structure and teaching practice in the United States. Students

will develop a personal philosophy of education, grounded in scriptural principles and theoretical knowledge. This is a

core course in the TMU



ED508 Advanced Study in Human Development (3)

This course provides an in-depth examination of central factors related to human development. The relationships of

biological, cognitive, language, socio-cultural, and moral/spiritual development will be explored, with particular

emphasis on child and adolescent development. Students will develop understanding of factors influencing human

growth and development in these areas, and implications for teachers.

ED510 Teaching Reading/Language Arts in Elementary School (3)*

A professional education course designed to enable prospective teachers to develop an initial theory of integrated

reading and language arts. Emphasis is placed on principles, strategies, and materials compatible with children’s

developmental levels and California content standards. Addresses unique needs and instruction of diverse populations,

including English learners. Approved course for preparing students for the Reading Instruction Competence

Assessment (RICA). (Course fee $30).

Prerequisites: admission to the Multiple Subject Credential Program; concurrent enrollment in


ED520 Teaching Reading in the Secondary School (3)*

A professional course designed to expose prospective teachers to effective ways of teaching reading to learn in secondary

content classes. Attention is given to selection and use of textbooks; teaching writing patterns and comprehension

strategies appropriate to various content areas; informal assessment of students; and ways of adapting assignments to

varying reading levels. Fifteen (15) hours of classroom fieldwork and observation in reading are required. (Course fee


Prerequisites: E410 ED420, and ED400; admission to the Teaching Credential Program.