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successive stages of redemptive history. Particular attention is given to the promise of a Messiah in both testaments.

Prerequisites: BTS500 and BTS501.

BTS570 Biblical Turkey & Greece (2)

A field-based examination of the physical geography of biblically-related cities and regions in Turkey and Greece. The

course gives particular attention to regional structure and topography with a view to the development of routes and

settlement. This course is taught as part of a three-week study trip led by a Master’s University professor.

BTS571 Contemporary Issues in Theology (2)

A culmination seminar that seeks to integrate biblical studies with Christian faith and ministry. Students will use an

evangelical theological method to address contemporary trends and emphases in theology confronting the

contemporary Christian church. Students will be exposed to a wide diversity of theological literature and perspectives

within and beyond the evangelical spectrum.

Prerequisites: BTS500, BTS501, and BTS551.

BTS572 Seminar in Applied Biblical Studies (2)

A graduate seminar focusing on the application of biblical studies to the life of the believer. Attention will be given to

the priority of Christlikeness, the process by which this occurs in the life of the believer, and the role of discipling

towards this objective. The uniqueness of the biblical process of change will be addressed.

(Must be taken as the final course

in the MA in Biblical Studies program.)

IBEX570 Physical Geography of Israel (2)

A field-based examination of the physical geography of the land of Israel with attention to regional structure and

topography with a view to the development of routes and settlement. This course is taught as part of a 19-day study trip

to Israel led by a Master’s University or a Master’s Seminary professor


ACC510 Managerial Accounting (3)

The course covers the application of basic and advanced accounting methods for the purpose of informing management


Prerequisite: ACC520.

ACC520 Financial Accounting (3)

Students learn to prepare and analyze financial statements. Students apply these skills to corporate decision-making and

evaluation processes.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

BUS510 Enterprise and Public Policy (3)

A comprehensive study of the relationship between government policy, economic trends, and business performance.

This course includes an overview of the contents and structure of TMU’s entire online M.B.A. program and must be

taken as the first course in the program.

BUS520 Business Law (3)

The course is a study of the procedures and organization of the United States legal system. The course will also provide

an in-depth study of tort liability, contracts, and common law.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

BUS530 Statistics (3)

Students learn to conduct and interpret statistical analyses of common business problems using ANOVA, single and

multiple regression, probability, and other techniques.

Prerequisite: BUS510.

FIN540 Corporate Finance (3)

A comprehensive study of financial forces on the firm. Students learn advanced financial analysis techniques for use in

management decisions.

Prerequisites: ACC510, ACC520, and BUS510.