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MGT461 Capstone Management Project (3)

This course is used to finalize preparation of the student’s curriculum portfolio and to measure the student’s academic

achievement in the Organizational Management subject matter. The course requires students to take knowledge learned

in the OM curriculum and construct a viable action plan that could be used for the capitalization of a small business

start-up or buyout. The overall objective is that the students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to own and/or

operate a small company that effectively uses biblical principles and Christian ethics that honor the Lord. This would

also be practical for students conducting an operational/organizational business plan within their existing corporation.

(Must be taken as the last course in the Organizational Management degree program.)

MIS320 Information Systems Applications (3)

This course teaches computer applications that are accepted as standard in the business world. Emphasis is placed on

the practical implementation of end user software in a business environment. The use of spreadsheet and database

programs to support business processes will be studied in depth. Excel and Access will be used in this class. (Lab fee:


Prerequisite: CS100 or instructor’s approval


MKT350 Marketing Fundamentals (3)

An introduction to marketing management in relation to the total business environment. Involves a study from the

conception of the idea for goods or services to its ultimate utilization by the consumer with emphasis on major decision

areas and tools.

MKT462 Sales and Customer Service (3)

This course identities and develops key sales and customer service skills by discovering customer wants and needs

through effective relationship building, clear communication (emphasizing listening), product knowledge, presentation

marketing, and closing strategies. The course will also cover related subjects such as developing strong negotiating and

persuasive skills and the importance of being authentic when developing an effective winning sales presentation.

MGT321 Decision Science (3)

An overview of the scientific methods available to the managerial decision maker. Topics include linear programming,

the transportation problem, queuing, simulation, project management, forecasting, facility location and layout, inventory

control, quality assurance, and job design.

Prerequisite: BUS310.


C100 Spoken Communication (3)

Study and practice of the organization and delivery of prepared material in the conversational style of extemporaneous



E110 English Composition (3)

Instruction and supervised practice in the techniques of effective written expression, with emphasis on analytical reading

and writing of expository prose. Includes one or more researched and documented essays. (Fulfills the general education

requirement for writing competency.)

E211 English Literature I (3)

A chronological survey of the development of English literature, with emphasis on the major writers; some attention to

the parallel developments in history, language, religion, and culture. First semester: Anglo-Saxon period through the

Neoclassical period.

E221 World Literature I (3)

A chronological and geo-politico-religious survey of the major literary works that contributed to the shaping of world

history. This course examines selected literary works from three major regions from antiquity to the Renaissance: the

Greco-Roman world and Europe, the Middle Eastern world and India, and the Far East (China and Japan).