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BUS483 Business Internship (3)

An on-site work experience that gives the student practical training in specific business techniques and their applications.

Evaluation will be made by the work supervisor and a member of the Business Department faculty.

Prerequisites: junior

or senior status and permission of the department chairperson.

BUS490 Advanced Business Seminar (3)

A course examining contemporary business issues through integrating coursework and acquired knowledge in the

business discipline. Attention will be given to a biblical worldview, vocational pursuit, and a strategy for life-long

learning. An additional course component is senior assessment.

Must be taken as last course in major program.

ECN200 Macroeconomics (3)

An introduction to macroeconomic principles and terminology. The primary focus is on the aggregate U.S. economy

and the policy decisions that state and federal lawmakers face. Topics include a review of the economic problem,

measuring GNP, money and banking, interest rates, monetary and fiscal policy, inflation, and unemployment. A basic

knowledge of mathematics and graphs is assumed.

ECN210 Microeconomics (3)

An introduction to microeconomic principles and terminology. The primary focus is on the business firm and the

decisions it faces. Topics include review of the economic problem, mechanics of supply and demand, elasticities,

consumer utility, production costs, and the competitive environment. A basic knowledge of mathematics and graphs is


FIN341 Investments (3)

A survey of investments including stocks, bonds, government securities, and financial intermediaries. Emphasis is placed

on security analysis, valuation, and portfolio management. Topics include personal financial strategies and investment


Prerequisite: ECN200.

FIN440 Finance (3)

Valuation methods available to the manager for the determination of the optimal financial structure of the firm.

Emphasis is on financial statement analysis, cash flow analysis, capital budgeting, investment, and financing decisions.

Prerequisite: ACC220.

INB311 Global Business Strategies (3)

This course biblically examines global business ethics, values, and strategies that shape and guide the believer, the church,

and the company in global business enterprise.

MGT310 Management Theory (3)

An examination of the fundamentals of managerial functions and the basic concepts and principles of modern

management. Emphasis is placed on the interrelationships of planning, organizing, controlling, decision making, and

accepted practices used in directing the activities of an organization in the achievement of desired objectives.

MGT330 Business Communications (3)

Presents comprehensive coverage of the major concepts and principles of the human communication process and

analysis of the various forms of communication used by managers. The media of managerial communication include

verbal delivery, as well as written letters, reports, memoranda, etc.

MGT335 Organizational Communication – Fundamentals (3)

The principles of communication within an organization are presented. Effective communication methods, both oral

and written, will be taught and practiced with an emphasis on using the proper communication method for any given


Prerequisite: BIB306.