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MU443 20


Century Analysis (2)

An analytical survey of 20


century composition techniques.

Prerequisite: MU242A.

MU445 Arranging (2)

Equips students with compositional skills and techniques that facilitate arranging of music in both vocal and

instrumental genres from a range of style periods and sources to fit diverse needs and levels.

Prerequisite: MU241A.

MU448 Overseas Music Missions Trips (3)

Background and biblical history of Israel given as preparation for The Master’s University Chorale’s concert tour as

guests of the Israeli Ministry of Tourism. Offered once every four years in the spring semester as a part of the concert


MU453 Teaching Piano Internship II (1.5)

This course offers students an opportunity to teach a weekly 45-minute group piano class of beginning level students

and to teach a private piano lesson with supervision. Weekly meetings address topics such as lesson planning, promoting

parent/teacher/student relationships, and organizing recitals and other performance opportunities. P

rerequisite: MU356.

MU454 Teaching Piano Internship III (1.5)

Continuation of MU453.

Prerequisite: MU453.

MU460 Recital (2)

A 60-minute recital given in the senior year by performance majors. Permission to give a recital must be acquired the

previous semester, and the program and/or pre-recital must be approved at least one month before the recital date.

MU460E Senior Project for Audio Technology (2)

Final project incorporating audio content, such as sound for a short film or music video, sound recording, and post-

production, etc.

MU464 Vocal Pedagogy (2)

The science and art of training the singing voice. Principles of resonance, breath support, registration, and expression.

Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

MU466 Vocal Literature (2)

Performance and study of vocal literature from all the major periods. Purpose is to survey as much literature as possible

to study the development of vocal music as well as its use for teaching purposes.

MU473 Advanced Piano Literature (2)

Performance and study of keyboard literature from early baroque to the present. Purpose is to survey as much literature

as possible to study development of keyboard music and its use for teaching purposes.

MU474 Orchestration (2)

The instruments: ranges and limitations. Scoring for sections and full orchestra. The church orchestra.



MU476 Advanced Conducting (2)

Advanced techniques in choral and instrumental conducting, including score analysis, transpositions, and listening skills

with ensembles.

Prerequisite: MU271.

MU477 Instrumental Pedagogy (1)

Survey of methods and literature as they apply to an instructor in a specific instrument.