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MU232 Piano Foundations IV (1)

Continues development of the skills taught in MU231, with added emphasis in accompanying and instrumental, vocal,

and choral score reading.

Prerequisite: MU231 or permission.

MU233 Popular Music Theory I (3)

Worship-focused improvisation, harmonization, arranging, analysis, charting, and other skills.

Prerequisite: MU142.

MU234 Popular Music Theory II (3)

A continuation of the elements of Popular Music Theory I.

Prerequisite: MU233.

MU241A Music Theory III (3) and MU241B Aural Skills III (1)

Study of advanced harmonic materials, including borrowed chords, the Neapolitan sixth and augmented sixth chords,

enharmonic spellings, and enharmonic modulations. Study of variation technique, analysis of large forms such as sonata

allegro and rondo form, written analysis, aural recognition, composition, and keyboard performance. Class meets 5

hours weekly.

Prerequisite: MU142A.

MU242A Music Theory IV (3) and MU242B Aural Skills IV (1)

Further study of altered dominants and chromatic mediants; ninth, eleventh, and thirteenth chords; and expanded tonal

materials. Study of contrapuntal practices of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries with analysis, writing assignments,

and applications to linear aspects of twentieth century music. Study of modes, scalar materials, and extended techniques

used in Impressionism and other post-tonal styles involving analysis and original composition using these devices. Class

meets 5 hours weekly.

Prerequisite: MU241A, B.

MU251 Introduction to Audio Technology, Pro Tools I (3)

An introductory course designed to acquaint students with the discipline of audio technology and begin learning Pro

Tools software.

MU260 Recital or Project (1)

A 30-minute recital generally given in the fall of the junior year by performance majors, and in the senior year by all

others as required. Permission to give a recital must be acquired the previous semester, and the program and/or pre-

recital must be approved at least one month before the recital date. Students qualified to substitute a project for the

recital must submit a proposal and obtain faculty approval before beginning the project; they must give the faculty

periodic progress reports, and on completion, turn in a thorough written description of the project with appropriate

ancillary materials. Projects must involve significant research and require the amount of time equivalent to preparation

for a junior recital.

MU271 Basic Conducting (2)

Basic study of song-leading and conducting patterns and styles through practical experience in the classroom, using

hymns and choral materials.

Prerequisite: MU141.

MU283 Diction for Singers: IPA, English (2)

Study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and singing in English.

MU284 Diction for Singers: Italian, German, French (2)

Study of singing diction in Italian, German, and French languages using the International Phonetic Alphabet.

MU295 Music & Art for Musicians (3)

Establishes a foundation in music and art in Western Civilization. Relates music and art to culture, philosophy, and

history and helps the student develop a biblically based philosophy of music. Includes segments on American music

and Non-Western music and an art museum field trip.

Prerequisite: major in music or approval of the instructor.